Well I trapped those three little kittens and now they are healthy and happy in their new homes. Mama fixed and returned to her caretaker. 24 cats and kittens through the month of June. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Thank goodness I had help at each place. If I had help all the time it would be wonderful. Getting into the vet is the hard part. This pandemic has all the clinics way behind and they are scheduling out to November right now. Very hard for the trappers that need appts immediately. Some of those TNR people trap their cats then try to get in which often means that the cat stays in the trap for some time which is not how you do it. They can develop health issues if left in that cramped space for too long. I try to keep it at three to four days. The day of trap, the day of vet where they spend the night to monitor and to start healing, then they stay another night at my house to heal, then the day they get released. I was told some trappers release their cats back to their colony right after surgery. That is not how you are supposed to do it either. I guess every group has their thing, as long as the animal gets help then it works.

This pandemic is fantastic for an introvert. I haven't seen the inside of a grocery store in months. I do grocery pick up, go to a couple doc appts if necessary and the pharmacy drive thru. The only place I have been in is the corner market, I have gone their for years and know how clean they are, how customer focused the staff is and they are super friendly, when I go there they are constantly wiping things down and the owner has done all he can to make sure his staff and customers are safe during this covid thing.

I am so sick of the politics. Our government crumbles more and more every day. I don't remember ever having hate in my heart for another human being, anger, jealousy and others I would admit to, but never hate like the hate I have for Donald Trump. He is a sad parody of a human being. I fear there may be four more years of this trash. Honestly if I could afford it I think I would move to Canada. My ex and I talked about it about a month ago and he thought it was a fantastic idea. Just until it is all over. Maybe I might like it and stay. I would feel like I am abandoning my country. I love my country but I have discovered that a huge chunk of our population is sick. Bigoted, backwards, greedy, intolerant fools. They treat him like a false idol and if I believed it was happening I might even think he is the anti Christ. I know there is going to be a scene if he is not elected. He is going to make a scene and stomp and cry foul like the baby that he is. And Biden, kripes, the lesser of two evils. What do we have folks, The Fool or the possible pedophile. The crap going around on the internet with him making children uncomfortable while he man handles them in public every time he gets near one for a photo op makes me ill. But still I take it all in with a grain of salt because you believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. I want Biden to be a good president. I am done. I am sure this will offend someone and I will have to edit. Please give me a chance to edit instead of deleting the whole thing dear Moderator. Or just delete this whole paragraph. I had to vent and I do not like to talk politics.

Haven't been getting much done lately. I have stuff that needs to be cleaned as I have been doing nothing but bare bones up keep. Every where needs deep cleaning. My yard is a hot mess. My shoulder is really a mess. I thought physical therapy was working but I think since it seemed relatively easy I was beginning to push the boundaries of pain in each exercise instead of just doing the motion. Guess I was going with the if it don't hurt you ain't doin it right method. I am skipping PT today because something is wrong with my van. Of course, why not. It is always something.

I sure miss coming here and making happy posts. I remember having good days and others were here and we were writing back and forth, at times it was almost like using instant messaging, someone would write something and get a bunch of responses and the conversation would go back and forth. The MS forum is hopping as usual. They have created their own little world, I am jealous lol.

I could blab on and on but I won't, time to check FB and see what is happening in the rescue world.