felt like writing today. I haven't lately because I guess I have felt so insignificant when compared to what others have to go through. My troubles seem trivial in comparison. My mom would get on me for that. She always said that they may seem trivial but they are my troubles and therefore important to me.

Had to give up the raise in Neurontin by my PM doc, made me super depressed, my psych doc has taken the script back over and I am back down to my therapeutic dose of 300 in a.m. and 600 before bed. That works for my mood and my sleep but does nothing for my pain. My MRI of my neck showed that I have an above average cervical spine in comparison to others my age. Which is wonderful but does not explain the level of pain I am in. Even went in for trigger point injections in neck and upper back, 12 of them, which worked pretty well the next day but by the day after the effects had worn off. Talked to PM doc on phone for a telehealth call and he asked how I was doing told him they wore off but my spasming was down to a 6, he acted like that was great and asked if there was anything else I would like to address, like it was no longer a concern, so I asked for a repeat of back injections. I am at a loss as to what to do. I am ready to black market some pain medications. Is my fibromyalgia worse? I know they say it is not progressive but I am pretty sure if you ask anyone who has been diagnosed that it is just not true. So my pain consumes me on a daily basis.

I am trying to do my TNR work and my body hates me. It helps so much when the people help me carry the heavy loads. It is surprising how hard it is to carry a feral trap with a thrashing cat inside of it and when you have to haul more than one it gets strenuous. Looks like I may be rehabbing some kittens here as soon as I get the little mites trapped. Mama decided to introduce them to the great outdoors while I was working on someone else's cat problem. Was only a week so now they are scattered outside somewhere. Only three little ones about 7 weeks old.