here in a bit. Seems like forever. I guess I haven't much to say. The topical I got seems to have maxed out it's ability to touch my pain. It is a relief but doesn't clear it. I guess nothing does. I would kill for a couple 10mg Percs. PT was cancelled and we are going directly to my MRI thank God. Had tele visits for my doc appts.

This virus has me terrified. I have made arrangements for my animals if something should happen to me. I am also making arrangements for other things for my boys about my share of the house. I will have my brother help them. He won't be happy about it but I can trust him to do it. I feel like I am living in a state of hyper vigilance. I guess we all are.

My mood has been level, more natural feeling. My Neurontin is at 600 mg three times a day per my PM doc. He took the script over from my psych doc. I will admit that my resting pain has decreased. All except my trapezius and neck. I am going to feel ridiculous if nothing is wrong there. I can feel the muscles just on the edge of contracting into a spasms. I am trying to remember to keep a couple of my PT exercises, the ones that didn't make things worse and will help my posture. I really think this is all about posture.

I have letters to write to my boys in case I get sick. I am hearing that people aren't getting enough time to say goodbye and that would just break me. I know this all sounds fatalistic but I want to be prepared. IT reallly should have been done back when I had my heart attack.