on my pain. As a topical the CBD oil works surprisingly well. I got cocky and got away from my muscle relaxer and acetaminophen and began to realize that it was helping a little as back up. One sample session of PT and for two days I felt it. Not muscle workout wise but actual flare up of past pain.

At this point I am going to call my primary care doctor and ask if I should even be going out to PT with the corona virus going around. The mayor has called for a shelter in place order but the governor hasn't yet and Maxwell Therapy is pretty pushy about their appts. so I don't see them shutting down unless outright made to.

Been feeling pretty good mentally with this new med regiment. This virus does not have me stressed out. I feel really lazy though. Maybe I had better start with a sativa during the day when smoking. I haven't felt like doing anything for days but it seems that my schedule is so full it is nice just to do nothing. House suffers or I should say my kitchen suffers but it is an easy fast fix.

rained then snowed most the night, supposed to snow most of the day then the sun is going to come out and melt it all away before bedtime. So ready for spring and getting my fence up.

I am at a loss for a change.