evening and decided to put down my new regiment. I was given some CBD oil by caregivers that have a chemist who makes their product. Their oil can be topical, put in a drink or food or put under the tongue. I have started a new regiment to try to combat the pain. They gave me an almost full sample bottle. They are small but go a long way. Only $25. She told me how to use it and how to supplement it with my arsenal. Soon as I open my eyes two drops under my tongue and put on back and neck where my pain is. She said do NOT rub it in because it crushes the molecules and I noticed the oil is absorbed quickly so there is not a long wait time for it to go away enough to get dressed. Also after putting it on rub the residue into your hands and warm it and smell it. There are all kinds of natural herbs infused into their oil. Lavender and mint are two of them. It can be put in a sachet for your pillow even as the scent is calming. Then I take two Zanaflex (muscle relaxers) and then once I am up and about I take two Acetaminophen. After I have been up for a bit, made my coffee, turned on the puter, let the dogs out, I smoke part of a joint because i am noticing that the flower that I smoke works much better than the concentrate I was smoking. She says to do the drops under my tongue twice a day and put on the oil twice a day at least but mostly as needed. She says the more I use it the more I find the less I will need. I do two drops about seven, after I have had my nap and been up for a while. Smoke again immediately and take two acetaminophens. If I hurt I put on more oil on my back and then before bed I smoke and put on oil again. I am finding that I do not need to put the oil on as often as the first two days even. We will see. My doc said use the MMJ to fight my pain so here I go with a fury.