is to do something constructive. I have this urge to create lately despite that my craft room is now also the foster room. I ordered books from the library on Amigurumi. I even got out yarn and my crochet hooks and messed for a second then threw it down in frustration thinking that i know I will start something that I won't finish. I am sad about it because I really would like to make something. Books are still here so maybe i will have a change of heart.

Since leaving physical therapy my pain levels have gone down. i have been to the PM doc and he is now telling me that getting pain where I am getting it and the fact that it caused headaches tells him that it is my cervical spine. Why he did not tell me this before when I told him where the pain is beyond me. So now I have to do PT for my cervical spine before we can get an MRI of that. THough thoracic is now scheduled. I looked up some physical therapy exercises for the cervical spine and they looked simple enough so I tried them. Nope, didn't even do full repetitions but what little i did sent my trapezius in full on flare and I have a slight headache. Not bad enough to take anything but I can feel it hanging. And that was yesterday. Had a terrible night. Full on wake up every time I tried to roll over.

He increased my Neurontin for me for some extra pain relief, refilled my muscle relaxers. I asked for something for pain and he blew my mind, he asked if I used marijuana and i told him I had eaten a medible two days before and that I smoke occasionally but that it is not touching a large amount of hte pain. He made me do a urine drop and said that if I only test positive for Marijuana he would prescribe me something. I almost fell off the stool, I wanted to kiss his feet. so in two weeks when I go back the results of my test will be in and he will write me a script for something. I hope it isn't Norcos. They do nothing for me. Clinic must have taken on a new policy due to it being legal recreationally and so many people turning to it for relief from so many illnesses and conditions. Most of main stream public would be amazed at the amount of older people and seniors that flock to the dispensaries for help.

Let's see what did I accomplish yesterday.

I hung up a basket full of clean shirts.

folded and put away another basket of clean clothes.

cleaned up the dirty clothes in my bedroom.

got two baskets of dirty laundry out for the basement. Jared took down.

did a huge load of dishes.

Picked the meat off a chicken carcass for dinner and boiled the carcass for broth instead of letting it go to waste.

Made egg drop noodles for dinner. Noodles were great broth sucked.

Made peanut butter fudge for dessert.

Today I would like to

do litter duty


do last night's dinner dishes

get cardboard boxes together on patio for tonight's trash.

We shall see, any one of those would make me happy considering my pain level.