my pain levels lately. I had my back injections, L4, L5, S1 and am getting about 60% resting relief. If I do short bursts of work then rest I can get a few things done. But what started out as fibro in my upper back, trapezius muscles and super sensitive vertebrae at C7, T1, T2 has now turned into out and out agony. It is focused on those vertebrae and spreading out across my lower and upper shoulder muscles. It hurts to move my arms. The only time it does not cause me severe agony is arms down and relaxed muscles. It still hurts but more like an severely annoying 7. I am a sloucher. I realized that for the last year I have been sitting in front of this computer every morning slouching, with my head down between my shoulder blades like a turtle. I also have been watching that big projector screen for a tv and though I slouch less if I lean back I don't like I should. I wear all of my anxiety and depression on my shoulders and it stays tensed up so lately I have been consciously relaxing my shoulders. Even typing hurts and pulls on my shoulders so I have to adjust for that. I have brought it up to my pain management doctor and we are going to go through a stint of physical therapy before my MRI, I would rather skip the MRI and just do the xray if possible to see if he can see anything. I dread physical therapy though I will admit that the last stint that I had was not bad at all. More palliative care than actual physical therapy. Therapist was wonderful. Maybe I should, I am just so afraid of making something worse.

I see doc Mac in two weeks and will discuss with him titrating off of some of my meds. Especially the Trintillex. I do not like it Sam I am.