a whole lot of nothing yesterday. Laid around, watched tv, played on the puter, even sat on the patio and listened to the rain and birds while I got caught up on a couple of magazines. My knees are blown but I am going to have to deal with it until I can get in to see my ortho at the end of July. That is so long. Especially since the appt. was made three weeks ago. They told me to call in the event that they have a cancellation but right now I have no car so it's not like I can go even if they do.

I know CJ is going to be an ass and show up at the butt crack of dusk to work on my car so that way he will not have the time he needs to get more done. That is his way and it pisses me off so much. He has always sat around and waited until the last minute to get things done which makes it take twice as long. I am truly sick of not having any transportation.

That was earlier and forgot to post it. Tis monday now which I hate. CJ worked on my car of course showed up about five and worked on my car for a while. What sucks is that he has to practically dismantle the entire engine in order to get to the part so of course that takes longer. I got a letter from the township regarding my car setting up on jacks. They want the blight out of the neighborhood lol. Car is only up for a week. I thought the letter would be about the noxious weeds lol.

My backyard is a quagmire lol. I have a low lying spot from one end of the back yard to the other almost all the way across the acre. It hasn't had time to dry and is just getting worse. The mosquitoes are terrible out there. The pond is nice and full which is fantastic for the wildlife. Saw a doe run across my back yard the other afternoon and about a week ago she left her fawn hiding next to the neighbor's garage. Everyone let her be and she came back and got her fawn. Lot of people don't know not to mess with fawns because chances are mama knows where the baby is and will come back. The babies stay where they are put and wait. Course that is unless you find a fawn near a deceased doe then DNR should be called.

I have been taking it easy the last few days. Pain has just been miserable. Am working up to starting the fence. Weather has been ridiculous here. Guess all across the country it has been bad. Will have to work in between the spurts of rain. Will make Brandon help me. This weather affects him badly also. His mood is foul as is mine lol. He holes up in the basement and I hole up in my room. Funny I told Brandon when he moved in that I was not going back to live in my room, at the time I was watching a lot of tv, mostly movies and educational and animal programs, in the living room. Had my spot and the dogs would sit with me. Well I got my Roku and since my tv is old and does not have a HDMI port I had to add a supplemental AVI cord which is old school so the picture makes all my Roku stations unwatchable. too much distortion. So now I am back to my room to watch the Roku in there. I want to set up Jared's projector he got for Christmas. Thinking might put up screen on back patio and see how it works out there.

YEah I could just go on and on. do the poor moderators have to read this crap?