a mix of things. I woke early this morning so have been up since five. Back on my 5:30/6 wake up time. Had to take a mental health day yesterday and spent most of the day in my room, lounging, napping, watching tv and eating til I made myself sick. Felt really lousy all day. Hoping this is not a double take today.

I am finding that Brandon and I get along pretty good. He has matured so much and I give him his little bit of freedom that he needs to feel like he lives here too. It drives me nuts that he is such a slob and I have to look at his mess all day but I know that when he comes home from work he will clean up. I am letting that go, I just don't spend a whole lot of time in the living room lolol. I let him listen to his rap when he gets home, he needs his music therapy just as much as I do. I actually like some of it, I hate the fact that they think they need to use foul language to get their music across, and so many are ludicrous in their songs about sex. I am letting that go, it makes him happy and calm. He eats all my cheese lmao, the kid has been a cheese freak his entire life, Colby or Colby/Jack mix. Plus he drinks all the milk which erks Jared cause that means he can't drink all the milk. I am letting that go. He buys if we need. He really has matured so much and while I still sometimes feel like I am walking on eggshells around him and his temper he has really mellowed.

I don't feel good think I am cutting this short and maybe going back to bed.