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What are moderators? How do we help them do their job?

Moderators are users that can, to some extent, control individual forums. They can edit, delete, or prune any posts. Moderators can ONLY be assigned by an Administrator, and they will ONLY be people who WE feel are trustworthy and will act in the best interests of the ENTIRE BrainTalk community. The moderators act as "peace officers," helping keep the BrainTalk community as safe and supportive as possible. The "true" identities of the moderators are strictly private and not for public disclosure. Because of the often difficult nature of a moderator's job, it is easier and safer for them if they remain "anonymous" to users on the system. However, rest assured that I personally know their "true" identities and that I trust them to make fair decisions.

A while ago I wrote an important thread where I further discuss how moderators "do their jobs," as well as how YOU can help them help you. Please read it now:

------ on the subject of Moderators

OK, I'm going to try and make this as short and simple as I can. Please read it entirely.

I'm not going to change how Forum Feedback works. You can always post your "comments" on discussions here. I *WANT* people to discuss things here. I'm always telling people...the best ideas I have for the BrainTalk communities always come from listening to all of YOU.

BUT it MAY become necessary at some point to LOCK discussions here in Forum Feedback. If things are spinning out of control. If something has been resolved and there is NO POINT in further discussing it. If it's a PRIVATE issue that has no place here.

The MODERATORS are working to HELP me.

You may not always AGREE with them.

But you MUST RESPECT them.

The SAME WAY you respect me.

That MUST NOT post messages here (or anywhere else) making derogatory remarks about them. Posts that are harshly critical of their judgement WILL NOT be allowed. If you have something to say criticizing a moderator, you must EMAIL AN ADMINISTRATOR PRIVATELY.

WHY am I saying this? Am I saying moderators are BEYOND criticism?

Absolutely Not.

But this is the ONLY way to prevent total anarchy and ultimately a continual harassment of every single decision the moderators make.

Now, a MODERATORS job is VERY hard in that there will ALWAYS be someone that will TOTALLY DISAGREE with what a moderator will have to do.

Please think about this for a moment.

A spammer will say "hey, I'm just telling people about a great're wrong to delete my posts!" A disruptive person will say "Hey, moderator, I'm right and the other person is're taking the other person's side!"

Do you see what I'm getting at?

Allowing people to publically criticize moderator actions here will open it up to a BIG mess where EVERYTHING the moderators do will be criticized.

And then the moderators will not be able to do their vital role of keeping the peace and Terms of Service.

And then we'll have no more moderators.

And then the BrainTalk forums will go away.

The bottom line. I highly respect both moderators here. You must respect them as you do me. Sure, they're only human, so maybe they'll make mistakes. But you MUST respect them and WORK to HELP them. Please.

Because without effective moderators, we will have to shut down BrainTalk. It's that simple.

The moderators are incredibly caring and thoughtful people. Any constructive suggestions you offer them will definitely be heard. And in the end you'll help THEM be MORE EFFECTIVE moderators.

And if they're MORE EFFECTIVE moderators, then they'll help our COMMUNITY even more.

Which means you'll be helping yourself and other people here looking for support....

Thank you for your support and cooperation,

-The Administrative team


One very simple way EVERYONE can help the moderators as well as help keep the BrainTalk community as supportive as possible is to read and abide by the rules outlined in BTC Inc's ToS

Moderating is a difficult and often thankless job. I'd like to formally thank all the moderators at BrainTalk for their work and efforts to help everyone. Thank you.