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Could I have ADD, or is this just hydrocephalus?

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    Could I have ADD, or is this just hydrocephalus?

    I have, for some months now, suspected myself of having ADD in addition to the hydrocephalus I was born with, suspected myself of having ADD as well.

    There are a few reasons I believe this to be so. The first is that I have a tough time focusing on things. I'm not working as much as I'd like, and my daily routine consists of time mostly spent on a combination of homework, television, chores, internet, homework, and such. And it often seems as if I never spend more than ten minutes at a time at each. I do spend too much time surfing the web, but when I do, it's like I shift from site to site to site and around and around in circles, never spending anymore than a few minutes at a time at each. I've completed my BA, but it was a real struggle, and think a big part, although not the whole thing was due to an inability to pay attention to my assignments. And one cannot forget my wonderful capacity to lose or misplace things. I pride myself on being punctual for work and other appointments, but typically when I'm not, its because I've managed to misplace my wallet or my keys or something. The misplacing thing happens multiple times a week. And I was once asked by a former coworker one time why I'm always looking my watch, and I think it's because I'm needing to break up my shift at work more frequently than the alloted breaks.

    My family seems very quick to portray my problems, especially as it relates to organizational skills, as a direct product of my hydrocephalus. However, I wonder if there's not a larger pattern there that points to ADD, and I'm wondering what you all might think of that. Is it something I should be tested for? Could ADD have crept in as a result of hydrocephalus?


    On the following page one can see an "official" descriptions of ADHD.
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    The page does not say that having a "know cause"(like hydrocephalus) of the symptoms would mean that one doesn't have ADHD.

    Officially, if one had more than a certain number of the symptoms/criteria then one has a diagnosis of ADD.