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    Anybody home !!!!!!!!

    I'm 55 and have been on stimulant medication at different points of my life. Starting from about 38-40 once a good Pyschiatrist took some time with me and took a good history. I did have the paradoxical reaction, and it did calm me down. I tried Adderall, Ritalin, and Dexederine. Never tried Concerta (both of my children have been diagnosed and my 16 year old son is still taking it, 21 year old daughter isn't) .

    I am still quite impulsive, but not to the point of being diagnostical. I literally have to park my first two-three reactions to something to ensure I'm not overreacting.

    Any body have any little methods/tricks that seems to keep their impulsivity in check ?
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    Hi jimdickie. I have a 19 yr old son that was diagnosed ADHD. Currently he is unmedicated and has been for about 2 yrs. The meds he tried always made him far worse in other ways. ADHD and teen years did not mix and he had an awful time with impulsivity, blind rages, all kinds of fun things on top of med side effects. He never even had the ability to stop and think before he reacted. He has actually been better without the meds than he did with them.

    As he has matured he has become able to take that mental pause and leave the room, maybe go outside and smoke a cigarette, yes filthy habit for one so young, because he knows he is going to lose it. He has little toleranceor patience for mean, stupid people and isn't exactly quiet about it. But he use to be much worse. Blind rages all through his youth. He says he can feel it in his body especially his face. When we become angry our faces flush and you can actually feel this if you pay attention. That is his trigger to leave the premises and think and calm himself before he has to return. If he isn't at home and it is possible he will just flat walk out.

    He is eager to get back home and start his therapy and something to help him sleep. He is a horrible sleeper. Started with night terrors as a child, which he still has sporadically, and while for the most part those mellowed he has never been a good sleeper. Bouts of insomnia mixed with exhaustion. Lots of stress.

    He is also one who needs calm, quiet so for years he stayed part time with his paternal grandmother who lived about a mile away because our house was too chaotic for him and it was small and he shared with his little brother so really had no where to go for privacy. So as he got older he would spend summers and weekends there. My bipolar II his bipolar and ADHD and both of our levels of anxiety did not mix well either. We butted heads a lot despite how close we are. I am very lucky. He is a wonderful kid and always has been.

    I am glad that your med is working for you and your son. Do you see a therapist? May be able to help you with some ideas to even better manage your symptoms.
    Hopefully someone with more info will come.


      Hi, years ago, through this forum, I learned about using EFA's, essential fatty acids, and other vitamins and minerals and if helped my son greatly. For a while he used both adderall and vitamins but eventually he was able to stop the stimulant. It is a different approach and takes some time to build up and get the right levels but I have seen it work. My husband even started using the EFA's and found that when he ran out that he was having a much harder time concentrating and being relaxed. If you want more info I will post what I gave my son.

      Christine- there is a condition called pyroluria, something my son also has, that is a vitamin B6 deficiency Only registered and activated users can see links., Click Here To Register... My son had rages that we thought we were going to have to medicate but I decided to try the B6 first, within three days he was a completely different kid. Much calmer, he even commented that he was able to thing about things he wanted to think about because he wasn't so angry all the time.


      :) Pat