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SPOOKY harbinger of accident

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    SPOOKY harbinger of accident

    Pretty much a science guy, not a spiritual guy.

    A few months ago, it seemed that out of the corner of my eye, mostly while working on my rural farm, I would "catch a glimpse" of something that appeared to be some sort of strange avian creature -- sort of crow like -- but not.

    And, always sort of a quick glimpse -- sort of a "ghost bird." I mean, it was obvious that nothing was really there, but I "saw" something.

    So, a bit uncomfortable. One day, in a certain area that I do not travel in that often -- had a car pull out in front of me. Quick reflex action caused me to avoid a very serious high-speed accident by inches.

    A week later, traveling in the same general area, again -- another vehicle comes from nowhere and slams into me head-on.

    In the meantime, I had been "seeing" this ghost bird,.,...but since the accident, have not seen it.

    Not even sure if it was a bird shape, just what I am calling it for simplicity sake.....seeing it made me very uneasy -- and then the accident. Was it some sort of sign?

    No way have I told anyone else about this and no -- this is not some sort of "joke" post....just wondering...

    Have you had your vision checked by an ophthalmologist? What you're seeing as a bird might be a scotoma. I've had them quite often. For me they come and go but for some people they linger for a while or are permanent. A good eye doctor would probably do a visual fields test. It's a vision abnormality that has many causes.

    If it happens again, or if you happen to recall, it would be helpful for the doctor to know if it was in both eyes and what part of the visual field it was in (central or peripheral, to the right or left, etc.).

    Part of the visual field can just "drop out." It's very unsettling!
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