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Back pain from infection

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    Back pain from infection


    I stumbled on this thread from the archive;-

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    people speaking of all kinds of mad treatments for what is easily explained as a spinal infection. My heart goes out to you all, may GOD lead you to honest people willing to help. Many of the comments resonate - as do many of the "professional" opinions these people have been subjected to. A person called Tom Elliott happend on this infection=pain connection in a study based in the UK in 2001, also a parallel study done in Europe. Results were near identical, both to the experiment and the establishment's reactions!

    Personally - I have been fighting both health and establishment wars since 2011, here in Australia the powers that be do not accept the obvious, proven many times over in my own case. If you have burning sciatica, and;-

    1) it gets worse when you are run down
    2) winter (less sunlight) weather
    3) it responds to antibiotics - often instantly removing pain

    Then I advise finding somebody that is open to learning! I know (believe me) easier said than done!! research = sciatica back pain infection p.acnes and follow the links. You will find a lot from notes of the studdies, tabloid paper articles, a few tepid curious online docs, to full blown establishment refutation, including doctor forums aggressively stating antibiotics are wasted on back pain sufferers! There must be some group of people willing to do better than the extablishments' lock-out for ulcers (h pylori) - this lasted 20 years and needed drastic action to get any sanity from those rote practiced in the "art" of butchering the affflicted where a course of antibiotics would have worked!!!

    Most of us have tried everything possible and had surgery as a last resort. The first thing they do is blood tests to rule out infection and other causes such as viruses. Most people here have a structural problem i.e., bad discs, nerve entrapment, bone spurs etc. A lot of us have been to first class facilities (Mayo Clinic etc.). If it was that simple we wouldn't be here.
    If no pain, no gain is true, where is everything I should have gained?
    DDD, Fibro, CFS, pain for 20 years. ADR c 5/6 Feb. 2018 doing well.
    Back to pain management, fibromyalgia getting worse.


      Infection is something that should be checked out for spinal pain and in my case blood work was a necessary test to narrow the cause of my pain. Blood work along with MRIs, bone scans, and other test were run before settling on surgery to fix my structural problem. I hate it that you haven't been taken seriously when inquiring about antibiotics to treat spinal infections.
      1979 spinal issues, 1993 lumbar microdisectomy L3-4, 1996 360 3 level lumbar fusion L2-5, 1999 open thoractomy fusion T8-9,
      2002 C3-7 herniations and T4-7 herniations, 2004 total disability, a new limited life