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Not sure if I have found any of the old timers here but.....

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    ((((((Hugs to All)))))) ~

    Lil E ~

    How did your thumb reconstruction surgery go? I hope you've fully recovered. Have you found a combination for MMJ and opiates to help with your pain? Hope you'll check in with an update soon.

    Dave ~

    How are you and your pups these days? I hope that you're still walking daily with them and enjoying their companionship.

    Maybe someday, a No Drama Mama will appear in your life.

    Keep your password handy and drop by sometime soon!

    Love & Light,

    Mom to Jon, 49, & Michael, 32, born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease. Angel Michael received his wings in 2003. Angel Jon received his wings in 2019. In 2020, Jim, their Dad, joined them.


      Hey Rose,
      My thumb is doing great, got my strength back and no pain. Hopefully the other one will wait for a while. My neck keeps getting better and better, so glad I got the new disc. I was able to do more this holiday season than in the last four years. Trying to fix as much as I can to lower the pain load. Not using Cannabis right now, I will have to wait until federally legal. Hope you and yours are well, this weather stinks, bad for fibro but managing. Nice to see some people here.
      If no pain, no gain is true, where is everything I should have gained?
      DDD, Fibro, CFS, pain for 20 years. ADR c 5/6 Feb. 2018 doing well.
      Back to pain management, fibromyalgia getting worse.



        After being bed and wheelchair -bound for nearly three months, I nearly put myself back in the hospital.

        A DUII driver (uninsured career criminal of course) crossed over and smacked into my car in Early December. Basically turned my right side into a mush of broken bones -- so finally get the various docs to agree to let me out of the nursing home and allow me to stand up.

        Note to all, do not immediately do what I did after leaving the docs and wheel yourself into the nearest restroom and attempt to stand-up to go pee (first time standing since the accident). Only my strong left arm kept me from going head-first into the toilet.

        Well, it has been a painful, depressing few months, but trying to make the best of it.

        For some reason , the docs think I have a wife at home taking care of me, but my My brother-in-law traveled down to stay with me the first two days, but since that, have been on my own. Pretty difficult, but I am stubborn...

        Really surprised how bad the pain is. The docs gave me hydromorphone to take but I have managed to avoid taking them, except for one night a week ago....

        Anyway, I'm going to keep on keeping on....
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          ((((((Dave)))))) ~

          Oh no! I'm so very sorry Dave!

          Stop being stubborn, Dave! You need help in order to heal properly, and the more that you do that is strenuous for you, the longer it will take to heal. I know what I'm talking about as I deal with stubborn every day with my husband, who has cancer.

          It is not a sign of weakness to ask for and get help. YOU NEED IT! I don't know where you live, but don't make me find out and come there! Of course, I can't do that anyway, but you get my drift.

          Is MMJ legal where you live? If so, I highly recommend you try that alternative to control your pain. Start taking CBD oil, because it contains many healing properties. And THC is a pain reliever. CBD oil is generally legal everywhere. Don't worry about getting high or addicted to it. You need relief, and MMJ is safer than any pharmaceutical.

          Even if you had a wife at home taking care of you, there are resources available to help you that she might not be able to fulfill, like PT and OT, pain management. Please say "Yes!" to every available service for your recovery.

          Get over your stubborn streak and do something good for yourself. You deserve it. And you will feel better and heal more quickly with assistance.

          Well, there you go. You brought out the wife in me! I wish I could bring you a casserole now.

          Dave, you are in my prayers. Please keep updating on your progress. I'm sending you lots of positive, healing energy.

          Love & Light,

          Mom to Jon, 49, & Michael, 32, born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease. Angel Michael received his wings in 2003. Angel Jon received his wings in 2019. In 2020, Jim, their Dad, joined them.


            So, Being in Oregon, I have been flooded with people tellling me to use CBD, as well as actual's my take:

            I have a lot to be down about, but realize if I take that path I am most likely to wallow in the mud and I don't see that helping recovery.

            Docs are giving Hydromorphone

            Well, my pain is fairly severe (maybe I am understating it :p:p), but my fear of addiction is even more severe.

            I have taken the hydro only three times in the past 45 days. I have to be pretty much in "weeping" mode to even think about taking it.

            So, decided to try CBD oil on the advice of MD's, nurses, physical therapists, friends and relatives. Taking oral liquid as well as using a "rubbing lotion" for about 15 days. Pretty much written off the oral doses after the 15 day trial -- they may help others but do not seem to do much for me.

            But the lotion may actually be doing some good.

            BTW, the CBD oil does not contain enough of marijauna's active ingredient to create a "high." And, if I ever do get to the point of being able to go back to work, CBD does not typically trigger drug tests, so I would not be fired if my employer hit me with a random test. And using the lotion only really makes the chance of a positive drug screen nil.

            Personally, I think a lot of the hype about CBD is really unfounded, but, again, the lotion may be doing me some good, or it may be the massages I am giving the areas...

            So, CBD....not too impressed. Please see my new post for "another take" on my accident....


              ((((((Dave)))))) ~

              You are taking Hydromorphone. Here's the information on that drug, including a boxed warning about addiction:

              Only registered and activated users can see links., Click Here To Register...

              If you're worried about addiction, Dave, then you're taking the wrong drug. A boxed warning is serious stuff.

              THC is not addicting. That is a fallacy. When used as medicine, it focuses on the medical need first, before getting you high. My guess is that Hydromorphone can create a pretty decent buzz too. Does it?

              Most pharmaceuticals are based on naturally occurring plants on Earth. My sons take/took Depakote, or Valproic Acid. It's based on the Valerian root. Novacaine, Lidocaine, all the "caine" drugs, are based on the coco plant. Poppies produce opium. Flax seeds have the omegas we need. Garlic is good for our circulation and blood pressure.

              My husband has Stage IV lung cancer. He's been without any treatment for nearly 2 months, and he has very low white blood cells. But his tumor shrunk 2 mm. How do we explain that? He takes CBD and THC oils. His oncologist is on board with it, and he agrees that MMJ works.

              If you're worried about workplace drug testing, I would suspect that Hydromorphone would show up, if you were taking it at the time of the test. Also, there's a movement now to legalize MJ, taking it off of the Schedule 1 Drug list. That should lift the onus off of drug testing for MJ. There are many other drugs, which impair performance, legal and illegal, including Fentanyl and Oxycontin. If employers are going to test for one, they should test for all.

              It takes longer than 15 days on CBD oil to recognize improvement, particularly in your case, where your injuries are severe. Your CBD dosage and the quality of your CBD are also major factors in results. Not all CBD oils are the same, so it's worth your time to do some on line research to find the best CBD oil for you, and then determine the best dosage for you. My husband takes 40 mg/day to battle cancer. I take 20 mg/day to treat my RA.

              Two years ago this month, Jim was given 3-6 months to live. How did he defy those odds, where other patients couldn't? We attribute this blessing to MMJ, as well as a vegetarian, organic diet. When Jim told his oncologist that he'd been taking MMJ, his oncologist responded, "That makes sense."

              Take the right medicine. A healing medicine. A medicine from the Earth. Different strains are used to treat different conditions. If you have pain, can't sleep, can't eat, are fatigued, depressed, etc. etc. etc., there is a strain to treat that condition.

              I'm prepared for rebuttal of any of your resistance to MMJ, Dave. I've spent a few years researching its benefits for Alzheimer's, Bipolar disorder, epilepsy, cancer, RA, MS, and many other neurological disorders. The list is long. I could give you tons of links to convince you, but I hope that you trust me to know that I wouldn't lead you astray.

              You're in Oregon. It's legal there. Not everyone in the U.S. can say that right now. Please think about it, Dave.

              You're in my prayers, and I send you healing, positive energy.

              Love & Light,

              Mom to Jon, 49, & Michael, 32, born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease. Angel Michael received his wings in 2003. Angel Jon received his wings in 2019. In 2020, Jim, their Dad, joined them.


                Gosh, months since....And, I skimmed the questions. I only take drugs when I am in so much pain I cannot lie down without moaning.

                So, I think the last time I took any of the narcs was June???

                I actually tried the REAL marijuana (not just the CBD) for a couple of weeks. NO pain relief. No help with sleeping.

                Dave has to do this stuff by himself! NOthing wrong with that.