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    hello out there

    well it would be nice to think that no one is suffering from this any more but i don't believe it. i do believe that when you are, it hurts too much to be trying to post about it.

    i had quite a stretch this last time without many small, compared to how bad it can get hit. but it is really letting me know about it now for sure.
    my 5th nerve is not as predictibale as my 8th nerve which is a constant problem.. true it is bigger at times than others but always present. and i hate to say this but i have had it for so long that now my memory of technica things is very sketchy. but not the pain part.

    not saying i will get right back to this board but if anyone did need minor help i just hate that this whole place was so activein most forums. and i know peoples health has not improved completley so just saying that yep, someone else might justunderstand why nothing but essentials gets done at home etc. hoping that you rind a caring doctor that finds what helps you cope and treat your pain.

    Hello, Joy,

    I’m sorry that TN is acting up for you. Mine is too but is responding to increasing Tegretol and adding nortriptyline at night. For me, I think it is weather changes. This last winter I got face pain from cold air that went away when I got back in warm air without adding more meds.

    You might have gotten an email from TNA - Facial Pain Association about yesterday being TRigeminal Neuralgia Awareness day.
    Back in the day, I learned here about, “Striking Back” their handbook about TN. They have a new book with a different title which seems pricey to me ($40!) Here is their website for anyone who wants to look around:

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    Best to all,
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      how are you now?i have just post herpetic neuralgia
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