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    Inhillation options?

    Now over the last wee while I've been giving it some more thought to at least one side of my GPN being GN and looking into that a wee bit more, I'd never really bothered before cause at least on one side its definitely GPN and it's interested me the articles that I've come accross and some of the things that I've seen that I hadn't ever registered or read about previously.

    And read about a whole lot of treatments available, these being nitrus, hyperbaric treatment and penthrox inhillators, ( and I've since heard of another of the carbamazapine *******isations, the name of which currently escapes me,I'll update once I remember what it is!) now I'd been speaking to a fellow GPNer about a month ago who was talking about trying nebulising lidocaine, and all of a sudden I randomly find these articles in unrelated searches anyway the penthrox is fascinating, but it buggers up your liver and kidneys aand you can't take it wtith enzyme whatsits or anti epps and don't think its available anywhere other than Australia now, but it kinda got me thinking, then I was reading about the ol lauging gas helping, but hell, who can carry one of those bad boy tanks around? Nope, that's not an option either. Chambers? Well that's all a bit controversial yet and lets be fair where we gonna be finding one of them to nip into for a bad day?

    But after speaking about the nebulising the lidocaine, it all kinda got me thinking some more, and while nebulising is hardly portable and easy use, Vaps might be an option, so I think I'm gonna see about this and do some experimentation.

    The damnable thing about these sodding neuralgias though is that they're so fast, and unless you're medicated all the time, (which I am, but I mean more analgesic stuff) there's just no point taking anything for an attack when it happens cause its never going to work fast enough,at least not given how quick my attacks are, but this way it might, and a pen Vap, might be the way of making it an option, now I am NOT reccomending this to anyone, I don't know about safety or long term effect of lido use, I've certainly read a fair amount and when it comes to Lido there doesnt seem to be any problems, butI am speculating, surmising and mentioning it cause you all know this beast too well, and I know and trust you all so I'm sharing my thought process as I go for something that may or may not prove to be useful for these horific yet ridiculously fast attacks, it might just be a way of making work more tollerable on those bad days when there is no way to avoid them.
    So I have been contemplating it and think once pay day comes round a vap will be getting purchased to experiment with, I will let you know how it all goes.

    Anyway Much love

    Gracie x x x

    There are a few things I would like to inhale.


      Gene ma darlin' they are a given and a Godsend. I would not have as much sanity left as I do ( which in itself is questionable) were it not for the cigs etc.....

      When it comes to the spazzy beasts ya gotta do what you can to get by, and I consider that 4 years in, I manage to continue on monotherapy, and to work full time, without an opiate cocktail rattling inside me, its damn good going.
      Granted that may have to change soon, cause the bad periods seem to be lasting a lot longer, but meantime, a whole lot of golden virginia and a touch of the other gets me through the worst of it. :)

      Much love to all.x x x


        dear Gracie,

        I see you are trying to walk across the pond before it freezes (climate joke). I didn't inhale and never tried it again; Bill Clinton said that, I didn't.

        Lidocaine toxicity is a serious concern; what does your doctor say about your smoking? Mine suggests I quit cigarettes...if I were over there, I wonder if he would they tell me to quit fags? bob
        Nothing new is going to happen yesterday.


          I've done a bit of reading about it bob, and while I understand there is a risk of lidocaine toxicity, I'm talking about miniscule amounts, am going to have a chat to a pharmacist friend of mine and see what advice she offers on it.

          Lol, its funny that you say that, my doc didn't say anything about quitting the "other" but sure wanted me to get of the fags!

          Much love

          x x x


            Hi Grace,

            Let us know what your pharmacist friend has to say?

            Do you find that smoking is harder now that more people have given up?

            I gave up smoking years ago. It is fine once you get out of the habit!
            You soon get used to being an ex-smoker!


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