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A Question from Rudy's Mom

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    A Question from Rudy's Mom

    Hi Everyone. I haven't been on here much since we moved from WI to AZ, but now I have a question and knew right where to come for an answer. I need to have some dental work done. They want to do perio scaling and root planing. I am scared to death to have it done because of the severe TN that I have. Has anyone else had this done, and how was it with your TN? The dentist said they will numb the side of my face completely and do hand scaling. They only do one side of your face per visit. Last time I had regular cleaning done, they use the high speed vibration type of cleaning and I was laid up for about 3 weeks with TN. Here's an update on Rudy too. He had Valley Fever for over a year and is now finally off his medications. If his next blood test is still negative in 6 months, they we will be out of the woods. We were so afraid we were going to lose him. All of you who remember me know that Rudy is our Golden Retriever and is definitely part of the family. Hope everyone is well and will appreciate any help you can give me. Sheila

    Firstly it's really good to see you! Hope all continues to improve with Rudy and that the next six months bring nothing but good news. As for the dentist? Well in truth I'm putting off going myself for fear of it all getting set off badly, the last few weeks have been grim enough.

    What I would suggest though is getting a script for lidocaine/ or at least something with an anaesthetic in it, so that you can keep your mouth numbed, if it's numb maybe that'll stave it off? I dunno it's just a guess, but its my best shot for now, anyway all the best and hope the TN stays at bay.Much love as always X x x


      i doubt there is anyone who knows TN that doesn't dread that dentist visit. so all i can do is offer my sympthanies as i usually know to have my meds down before i go and handy for after. i experienced my first hit after a dentist visit so naturally I never have s simple visit with anxiety galore. and it has been that way since the early 90's. good luck and i always think going for the checkups etc is a MUST because i have had to have root canals after and they just add time to the visit thus more stress and chanc of another wake up of nerves. uugh. good luck. i hope rudy gets out of woods. i have a very old half lab and german shepard that is in bad shape with his bones. sad to see him just lying around and sleeping his days away now. i am dreading the cold weather for him almost as much as for myself. he is always exhausted when he has returned for his "outings".


        I was scared to death about my dental appointments when I first got TN. When going in just for a cleaning I was on
        the verge of panic. My Dr. told me to double up on my tegretol before going. (I think he was going for a mind over matter affect). Anyway, I went and it actually felt good. I have had a tooth pulled on that side and did fairly well with it. I guess what I'm saying is sometimes we expect the worse but we don't have to settle for it.

        Good luck

        PS If nothing makes sense here it's because of all the meds.


          Hi Y'all,

          I had deep scaling done in January 2010, without any problems. It had been 3 years and 3 brain surgeries since I had been to the dentist.

          Missing only "wisdom" teeth, and I have a +20 year old crown.

          My dentist is the guy who originally speculated Bells Palsy, he is my friend. My best to Everyone! bob
          Nothing new is going to happen yesterday.


            Hi Bob:

            It is good to hear from you. I have not been reading the Forum for a while what with computer problems for one thing.

            I am glad to hear that you were able to get through scaling with no major problems. I know that it is helpful for my dear friend Sheila to know that.

            How are things going for you, Bob?

            Shirley H.


              Thanks everyone

              I decided to just have the regular cleaning this time. I am going tomorrow. I guess I am a big chicken. Like you, Bob, I have had 3 brain surgeries. Mine were all considered failures, as you probably know. I have pain every day despite taking Tegretol. I manage quite well despite this terrible disease. In fact, we are so busy volunteering here in our new retirement community that people are shocked when they find out about the TN. I think keeping busy helps me "forget". I am going to give myself the next 6 months to think about that deep cleaning and root scaling. Maybe I will get up the nerve to do it by the next time. In the meantime, I am going to try flossing more and using a Sonicare Toothbrush. I read on the net and also heard from Silver Swan that it can reverse those pockets of plaque. Thanks again everyone.


                May I also add, if or when brushing hurts, try a couple of tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. DO NOT SWALLOW! Just gently swish and spit, it kills
                about any and all bacteria. I use the floss on the little plastic. I do NOT use Tegretol;)

                Good luck today, Sheila! bob

                PS: Thank you, Shirley - I'm doing very well:)
                Nothing new is going to happen yesterday.


                  I remember you, Joy! I just forget how to write more than 2 sentences...bob
                  Nothing new is going to happen yesterday.


                    well good, bob i remember you as well. i have been reaally busy and had to do a search to see where i needed to do replies. anyones else do that? I suspect so and I am not ashamed to admit doing it. Hubby had a bad kidney infection and let it go to long which did not do my nerves any good at all.

                    Then i had a bout of my menieres thing that set things off to a worse start on everything else.

                    Always something, isn't it?

                    My last visit to dentist said they now sell a mouthwash with peroxide in it. they want a handsome price for it as well. I too use peroxide for a lot of things. just am careful with it.

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