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A long over due update

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    A long over due update

    Well my lovely lot of spazzy faced comrades, I am here! Just not been too great of late.

    Life has been frantic, I've had 2 trips up north, another due very soon, one was for birthdays and reunions, the second was as a result of my father ending up in HDU, and getting 10 units of blood, all terribly frightening, he's a lot better, but still very unwell and a desperate worry from the other end of the country let me tell you, especially when going home takes me 13.5 hours minimum! ( I'm not able to fly at short notice cause of the sheer expense of it, so long way is what I have to contend with)

    Work continues to be a rollercoaster of up down and suspence when they can't figure out whats happening and are threatening to review our shifts which I'm more than a little bit apprehensive about

    I've had a fertility councelling appointment because of the meds, marvelous, there was a flood, but it wasn't ark worthy, and she doesn't seem to think things are as bad as I do, but then again, she isn't living with neuralgia daily and being asked to stop taking the only things that make her life bearable.
    Ho hum

    Lots of changes, lots of scares, yet another kidney infection, so on the 5/6th set of antibiotics this year ( for which I blame the tegs) Went back to the doc cause my pain has been so bad and said I was at the end of my rope (with my ears not the kidneys!)......... what did he give me? Diclofenac!!! Granted he's refered me back to the pain clinic but even still, with all the stress of late the spazz attacks have been horriffic, that and weather changes coinciding with PMT was a recipe for disaster so pain has been really bad. I have a smoking cessation meeting at the hospital on Friday, now this was agreed at the gynae appointment; all to discuss ruling out my 2 main coping methods for dealing with the pain, tobacco and green. The thought alone is inducing panic attacks.

    Anyway all this in between 13 hour days at work you get the idea, So I'm not coping well, and certainlly amnt coping as well as I'm making out to everyone else. But such is the way of it.

    I've been doing some research of late, mostly giving geniculate neuralgia more of a thought, I'm mostly written it off, cause of the styloids and the gpn on the right side, but came accross some interesting reading. I guess a new meds option deserves a thread of its own cause I've never seen it mentioned before. But it was talking about using trichloroethelene inhillation so its something I'm going to look at a bit more

    Anyway that's enough raving from me for now, but I will speak to you soon, much love

    Gracie x x x

    I remember reading something about inhillation and I think it was in our old bt posts.....sometime in the last 3 helpful. ;) Write JeanC a quickie, she'll know! I will peek around too & let you know.
    Did you know I had to stop my Lamictal b/c it gave me "the rash". The neuro raised it too fast and boom, it ruined the whole thing. Glad I am off it now, no issues with out it. So start the new thread about "other meds". It's always good to read some one else's research.


      Hi Grace,

      You have a lot on your plate, haven't you? No wonder you are under stress.
      I didn't realize that it takes you over 13 hours to get home. I hope your Dad is getting a bit better each day?