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Does anyone get the Medication that they know helps them the most

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    Does anyone get the Medication that they know helps them the most

    Hi We are all different ,I know Doctors are afraid to give out medications or prefer to give you the drug they give to Opiate addicts who OD but not the Opiate or whatever ,we have RSD I got Dx ed in 1968 the one thing I have always thought is I wish the Doctor could feel full body RSD like me for a month. Of all things to be unfair about pain is hard to believe .
    If someone sells a pill gets depressed overdoses than the rest of us the over %99 of us . From the other side never tell anyone if you have meds . I mentioned I get MS well I was offered $20 a peice by 3 people I hadnt been friends with for years . I said "No I get Paregoric for irritable bowel syndrome "dont tell anyone . If your wife ,husband kids ,not real friends ask you refuse. I was a Nurse I have no special knowledge but Doctors are Doctors most of the time to make money(notice how pain Doctors have you pay cash if on SS Insurance)
    What could we do to prove we are people who can be trusted ,a friend with Diabetes gets 360 Norco ,120 one hundred twenty mg Avinza Morphine and pretended to need a wheel chair but never used it.
    I just thought Ive met many rsders good honest people in pain like me who cant get what they need ,it breaks my heart

    For me, I find Percocets help as does 'stadol' (which i use for migraines--this med helps for most of my body pain, but because it so addictive I only get 2 bottles each 2weeks. Unfortunately the meds last only 1 week---.

    Yeah they dont like giving us meds, "addiction" who cares? As long as we do not abuse & takes as prescribed, i really dont care about addiction. We are not druggies, we are just people in major pain & not much of a relief because some docs are scared of the ' higher ups' & not the people in their care. Its a catch-22.

    A bit of relief is better than none. we must educate the docs. " Hello? Are you listening? " Pink Floyd song

    (i usually post in the Multiple Sclerosis forum)
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    The early bird catches the worms~~~~~that means, I wake up early and have worms. lol

    That's my son's words of wisdom to me! ! lol