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Longtime since here, Former member a decade ago....

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    Longtime since here, Former member a decade ago....

    Hello..its been several years since posting something. I was seriously hurt by two members who accused me of being too self centered. I guess they were right, but is what paid does to you...
    i was also suffering serious vitamin b12 deficiency and other nutrients.
    I'm not willing to share what happened as its just too painful and I almost lost myself over their cruel comments, messages....So I'm going to try again, BUT be very wary of making "friends"
    especially when they claim are "Christians"...they sure didn't act that way.
    But, that was then and I'm here now...I will just ignore their post but I see one of them hasn't been around here for a few years.

    Its been a long road for me health wise...I've not gotten better, just worse and now spinal pain, needing surgery but my anemia is too low, so cant have surgery until I get my HGB above 11...I'm an 8 right now so...
    Anyway, I will always be grateful to Braintalk as it was because of their information and suggestions of taking Methyl B12 is what lead to my getting so much better and more mind bogggling fatigue.
    Its been a long road, but I guess I'm just one of many who suffer.

    Hi Zelda Zelda,
    I'm sorry I don't remember you or the remarks that troubled you. Some people do tend to say heartless things on message boards, very unfortunately.

    I hope you can get your hemoglobin up where it should be. I've had this condition and recall that I was in low spirits when the hemoglobin was too low. I'm sure you'll feel better in general as soon as it gets back up there. I took iron shots as well as an iron supplement ("pink pills for pale people," I think they were called).

    Just ignoring people you find hard to take is a good way to go. You do know you can put people on an 'Ignore' list, don't you? You won't be able to see their posts though you can look at them if you click on "View post." Otherwise you don't see anything that person says.
    SPMS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009. Glatiramer acetate since December 2020.