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Feels like a charley horse

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    Feels like a charley horse

    Is anyone else effected in the calves. I remember when I was reading about periferal neuropathy, it said it was in the feet. But my lower legs are the part effected. Some (but not every) nights I am awaken by what I think would be called a charlie horse in both calves.😩
    Lorraine (lor)

    ((((((lor)))))) ~

    There are several potential causes for night leg cramps, including low potassium. Here are some other reasons from Mayo Clinic:

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    If it continues, I recommend checking in with your physician for a physical and some blood work.

    Love & Light,

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      hey lor,

      didn't you have a stroke? or was it a very severe seizure?

      if you had a stroke, you're probably taking meds in the categories shown on the site that rose posted.

      i agree with rose. see your doctor.

      nice to see you back,
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        tic chick, I had 3 seizures then my heart stopped. (I guess 3 seizures within a few moments was too much for my heart. Luckily my son saw,found me not breathing & gave me CPR)

        My Dr. sent me to get a test & that Dr. said I have perifferal neuropathy. She took a little electronic probe & touched my legs here & there. Each time she touched my calf it hurt & it made me slightly jump a little. My brain is sending a message to my nerves that control those muscles.
        Lorraine (lor)


          Peripheral neuropathy is common in diabetics. You've been tested for diabetes?

          Rose is right about potassium deficiency as a cause of those leg cramps. I was having them every other night for many months, but when a lab test revealed a low potassium level and I corrected it, those leg cramps magically cleared up. I still have a few of them but they're much milder now.
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