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  • Fillmore
    Sunshine, Lolly somethin'

    "It" comes on in autumn... this year has been cloudy and rainy for weeks until now, bright sunshine today and...Ow.

    "Ow" now = left eye pain, sharp, strong, steady pain.

    But only there, no neck or nostril or upper jaw pains [gratefull am I for that!!].

    The eye pain came on gradually, and goes away gradually depending on the sun - I shut the blinds tight and hunkered down and 10 minutes later I am able to come here to say so.

    I am so glad I can just shut the blinds to make it stop. Ya, too bad about missing out on the sunny day, but you know where I am coming from if you ever had one of these "nerve pains".

    So, what do you all think? Something to do with the Trigeminal Nerve? Last two years at this time the whole "T5" was lit up like the torch from heck - the three branches of the Trigeminal Nerve were on fire {eye, upper jaw, nose, around to the base of the skull, w/temple and ear in lesser pain}

    Oh oh, the Laptop light is tweeking it, I better stop... besides, I do ramble on...

    {anyone out there? 176 people viewed it, come back big rig... anything.}

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  • Fillmore
    started a topic unsure diagnosis

    unsure diagnosis

    My GP says my neuroligist is having some doubts about my diagnosis of "Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia", although I am not sure why exactly.

    Certainly, my case is "atypical" in the way the attacks come on, and stay longer than the few moments of most TN cases - comes on slowly, and full-blown maximum pain attacks have lasted THREE hours.

    There is a spot at the base of my skull that is allways involved in the ATN attacks, halfway between the spine and my left ear. It is also painfull when I have headaches - I call them my "neck-headaches".

    Secondly, my left EYE. Then the left nostril and then the upper jaw - when it gets to the jaw I know I am in for a taste of torturous hell for a few hours.

    There are the three areas of the trigeminal nerve involved though - does anyone here know if Occipital Neuralgia has those "face pains" too?