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October chitchat

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    October chitchat

    I don't know how it got to be October already but it did.

    What have you been up to? What's on your mind?

    I keep hoping we'll get news of Jeanie. And that renee will be able to check in. There are other people who pop in now and then who haven't popped in for quite a while. It would be nice to hear from them.

    Linda, I hope John is improving.

    I'm on my way to the doctor today for a required diabetic foot exam and a flu shot, and I probably will pick up a special container for a test the doctor wants--a 24-hour urine test. It looks as if the ride situation will work out well, and the weather isn't too hot or too cold, and that's good too.

    I paid the bills yesterday just in case the flu shot wipes me out this evening, when I would normally be paying those 4 bills.

    Hope everyone is staying safe and well.
    SPMS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009. Glatiramer acetate since December 2020.

    Thank you for starting the month off, Agate. Rabbit, rabbit. Any good luck that comes I will share.

    I had no reaction to this years senior flu shot. May the force be with you.

    It’s a sad time of the year - nothing to plant after the garlic. I will have microgreens under growlights later in the year and am doing sprouts in jars in the kitchen now but that is all of my gardening.

    There comes a time when silence is betrayal.- MLK


      Thanks Agate for getting us started for October.

      What the heck is going on with my computer? Anyone get up to a completely different setup this morning. I am not talking about how it is normally updated. This time it did away with "WORD" which I use for my passwords. I have a ton of stuff in there.

      It also did away with my favorites - all of them. I had to put this site in to search to get to it and I can't figure out how to save it. I got to my bank by putting in the banks name and looking it up. Fortunately, I remember my password for there and here. They changed my settings from the side to the bottom of my computer. It is totally crazy. How can I get my passwords back in word and how can I get my favorites bar back? Anyone know?


        Virginia, unfortunately I do not speak Microsoft.

        There comes a time when silence is betrayal.- MLK


          Flu shot me wiped me out for half the day only.

          Virginia, maybe you were migh have to hire someone to help you recover. Nothing worse than computer problems . Life was easier before them!

          Lots going on here medically speaking. Still checking in with you all though, waiting for news on Jeanie and Renee.

          I wonder if you , ANN have any interest in a solarium. Like a porch completely glassed in. Some plants might survive there?
          And there are always house plants :)


            Virginia, I believe you have Windows but can't recall what version. I can't be of much help with your questions but I have Windows 10, and have had things like that happen after an upgrade has been done. They do these upgrades really often, and some of them take hours to do. You might not know they've done one unless you happen to be noticing at the time when they're doing it, and later you might wonder why everything has changed.

            I just change it all back but it's a nuisance. You have to dig around in the Settings section of whatever it is you're trying to change.
            SPMS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009. Glatiramer acetate since December 2020.


              I have Windows 8.1, and had to struggle to keep that. I had Windows 10 for a few days, and hated it. But when this computer stops working, I may be forced to use Windows 10. That is what all the newer computers come with.

              I spent today calling Comcast, and my old doctor. I was going to switch to a new doctor, and they wouldn't refill the Gabapentin. So I went back to my old doctor, and have an appointment on the 20th.

              So now, or soon, I'm going to eat. I made some fresh coleslaw. Payday tomorrow, or Saturday, and I'll do my shopping. All my bills have been paid, so I'm free from here on.

              Everyone have a pleasant evening.
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              "Given the millions of billions of Earth-like planets, life elsewhere in the Universe without a doubt, does exist."

              Albert Einstein


                Howie, I don't understand why they would not give you Gabapentin. I am so sorry you are having to go through all this.

                I have worked on the computer all day. It was a complete new overhaul of windows 10 done during the night last night. Finally, just a few minutes ago she got me back into my old word where I have my passwords and I printed them out. She also got me back to my regular home page so now I have all my "favorites". I would like to print those out also, but I can't find a way. There are copious amounts of them. I am totally beat. Since she left me in the older version it probably means that when they do another update everything will be off again. This has been such a wasted day. I have not even dressed.

                I would like to do a back up, but I do not have an unused usb to put in the usb port.

                Hope all of you had a better day than me.

                Jeanie was to be operated on today.


                  I am running Windows 10, wish I still had Windows 7, my fave Windows OS.

                  Right now my laptop and mobile phone are not being nice to me, but the laptop is more manageable. I just wanted to renew my Netflix subscription.
                  I've been a member of this forum during its different incarnations since I was dx in 9/98


                    Virginia, I wish I knew what the problem with the Gabapentin. This new doctor is in an ideal location for me to go to. It's right across from my grocery store. But instead, I have to go back to my old doctor which is across town. Oh well, I tried.

                    You know, my 2005 PT Cruiser has 28,000 miles on it. That's nothing. I don't drive much these days. But when I was young, I practically lived in a car. Cruising the strip, chasing women. Those were the days! (SNAP OUT OF IT OLD MAN)
                    "Given the millions of billions of Earth-like planets, life elsewhere in the Universe without a doubt, does exist."

                    Albert Einstein


                      OH, I forgot to ask. Agate, do we get paid tomorrow by chance, or Saturday?
                      "Given the millions of billions of Earth-like planets, life elsewhere in the Universe without a doubt, does exist."

                      Albert Einstein


                        Howie, the Social Security Website is saying that payday (for me) will be tomorrow. I can't guarantee that that will be what happens for you though because the scheduling of the paydays seems to be different depending on what state you're in. My guess is that for you it's probably tomorrow as well. Enjoy!
                        SPMS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009. Glatiramer acetate since December 2020.


                          ((((((Hugs to All)))))) ~

                          agate ~

                          Thank you for starting the October chitchat.

                          How did your doctor's visit go today? Did you mention your shoulder and wrist?

                          I have never had a flu shot. Jon and Michael had flu shots as a requirement to attend an adult day program in the early 90s, and they were both sick (as were all of the participants in the program) on and off for a couple of months. We always isolated during flu season, with the exception of hospitalizations, where we wore masks.

                          Jim had a pneumonia vaccine in 2015, which our PCP forced him to do to protect Jonathan. Bad idea as he was in an RA flare, and he was in bed sick for 10 days.

                          I hope that you and everyone, who has had the flu shot, do well with it.

                          Virginia ~

                          I feel your "pain," because anything to do with a computer drives me around the pole. I always say, "Computers are great, until they aren't."

                          Thank goodness you got technical support. I found this article and wondered if this is what happened to your computer:

                          Only registered and activated users can see links., Click Here To Register...

                          I have and have always had a Mac. We don't use Windows, and we don't have these kinds of problems.

                          I hope you can relax now and sleep well.

                          Jendi ~

                          So nice to see you here! How are you? I hope you are well and safe.

                          Howie ~

                          Have you had a visit with the new doctor? If so, I wonder why the doctor wouldn't prescribe you Gabapentin. It's just ridiculous that you have to chase after this medication.

                          ANN ~

                          Have you considered grow lights or a hydroponic garden, if you have the space in an enclosed area? I'm sure you'll miss all of the wonderful food you produced.

                          Linda ~

                          Prayers that you and John are doing well.

                          Sunshine ~

                          Jim and Jon used a nebulizer, and the dosage was the same as yours. Are you using Albuterol? If so, be aware that it can elevate your heart rate. I always checked SATS and heart rate before and after a treatment. Do you have a pulse oximeter? I highly recommend that you get one, if you don't.

                          How is your DD fairing with the fire? It's about 65% contained now, but our air is still unhealthy in the afternoons, while only fair in the mornings.

                          Jeanie ~

                          Praying that your surgery went well today and that you will have a rapid recovery.

                          As for me ... John took me out this afternoon to run some errands, and thankfully his car has excellent air conditioning. Yesterday it was 108. Today it was cooler at 101. It doesn't take long for me to feel the effects, like a few minutes, such as profuse sweating and feeling a little weak.

                          John is super cognizant of this reaction, and he makes sure that I get to shade or a/c or a fan quickly.

                          It is always a joy to be with John. We share our memories of Jon and Jim, and how much we love and miss them. And, he lets me talk and unload on him, with such kindness and love for me and our family.

                          And we laugh a lot. I need that laughter, because it is healing.

                          He fixed my iPad, looked at the light bulbs I need to replace and told me that he is here to help me get on with whatever I am up to doing. "I don't want you to worry about getting it all done, Rose. I know that is stressing you out. But we don't have to do ALL of it at once."

                          I guess I just fear that my good fortune will run out, and I'll be struck with some catastrophic illness. I don't want to leave this mess behind.

                          So, I'm trying to focus on one thing at a time now. It's not going well ...

                          I wish I had a button to click on to make all of this not invade my mind or being every day. Alas, it would probably be broken anyway.

                          One moment, one step at a time. It's the best I or probably any of us in these tumultuous times can do. And we're doing it!

                          My prayers are with you all. May you be well, safe, and as content as possible.

                          Love & Light,


                          *Virtual Hugs Are Germ-Free!
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                          Mom to Jon, 49, & Michael, 32, born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease. Angel Michael received his wings in 2003. Angel Jon received his wings in 2019. In 2020, Jim, their Dad, joined them.


                            Agate, I usually get paid when you do, but I'll check before I take off. Good ol' online banking!

                            Rose, I never even saw this new doctor. I got an email (I think) telling me she could prescribe all my other meds, but not Gabapentin. Maybe it's my long hair, so that means I abuse drugs. That's the only reason I can think of.

                            But I'm back with my old doc, who wrote the last prescription, so problem solved. I just love being stressed out!
                            "Given the millions of billions of Earth-like planets, life elsewhere in the Universe without a doubt, does exist."

                            Albert Einstein


                              Again with the gabapentin? It's not like it is oxy, or something. In fact, I have spent more time getting doctors NOT to prescribe it, than to prescribe it.
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