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JANUARY 2022 Chitchat

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    JANUARY 2022 Chitchat

    For some people here it's already 2022.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! bccfb8b8bdbe04bb53377c1123e1a246.jpg

    Let's hope that this year will make COVID-19 a thing of the past and bring better health for those here who have been suffering.
    Happiness, peace, prosperity, good books, friendly and healthy pets, smooth sailing, and lots of delicious food, particularly chocolate--all of these are waiting for us in 2022!
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    For anyone who might be interested, Social Security paid today, on the 1st, at least for me, though it seems to have a weirdalternative system for payment dates based on when your birthday is but it applies only to some people.

    Good-hearted of them to pay on the 1st even though the 3rd would have been the usual payment date (for me and quite a few others).

    Now to practice writing 2s because anyone who still writes anything by hand probably remembers learning to make letters and numbers in school, and 2 was one of the numbers that could be made in a couple of different ways.

    Why am I fussing about this? Well, the post office is very persnickety these days and wants block letters, please. They won't misdeliver your outgoing mail if you haven't made your numbers nice and readable but they could. I'm finding that mail around here is often misdelivered.

    SPMS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009. Glatiramer acetate since December 2020.


      new member - AHEM /progressive encephalitis . Hello - thank you for making the effort to welcome 2022 on the website. Yes I understand what you are saying about the post office- I take a lot of pleasure in writing cards and letters so I am one of the few people who actually goes to the post office to buy stamps. And I ask to see what variety they have on hand. For Halloween they might have great ' monster' stamps ( I save them to use on bills) for spring there are usually wonderful flowers or even a 3 stamp panel of cherry blossoms . As I am sure many people on the forum will agree, trying to keep legible handwriting can be extremely frustrating- but with a few clever tricks and patience I can still pull-off writing a card that represents ME. So here's to 2022 - may we all find ways that give us joy.


        Welcome, bastien!

        A while back I still went to the post office to buy stamps but getting there and back isn't so simple when you use a wheelchair, and so I've been using the USPS Website, where all of the stamps that are available are shown and described. I enjoy finding ones that I like. I'm partial to the stamps showing flowers or gardens too. I used the dinosaur stamps on notes to my grandson but unfortunately the artwork on those was a bit dark and muddy-looking and I'm not sure that a 3-year-old would have been very entertained by them. I've been writing occasional little notes which he can't read yet but he seems to love getting mail addressed to him personally.

        For a small fee the post office sends me whatever stamps I order. They also send out a catalog showing new stamps from time to time. I was once a (very amateur) stamp collector and still have an interest in stamps though I gave my (probably worthless!) collection away years ago.
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          First of all, thank you Agate for that wonderful New Year's greeting.

          Welcome bastien to our group. I hope you will hang around and get to know us.

          I didn't get up today until 12:45. My bed felt so good. After being in a hospital bed for so long, then having to get up every day since I came home to face whoever was going to show up, it just felt like a luxury to be in my own bed. I plan on remaining in my robe all day. I fixed a scrambled egg for breakfast and will munch on some more of the food Eric brought.

          Fred called. I told.him I didn't need a thing.

          So many make, but I think I will let them wait.

          Wish we would hear from Sunshine. Usually the first of the month brings her out. Was hoping it would today.

          Would also love to hear from Suze-Q. I just miss her.

          It just occurred to me that I don't have any black eyed peas and turnip greens. You would have thought after the past few weeks I would have remembered to get some.


            Happy NewYear to everyone.
            Virginia, I know what you mean about luxuriating in staying in bed. Most of the time the farm demands I am up and functioning about 5 am. Even in winter I usually have to be up very early. But today….I could stay in bed late. It was just great.

            I get stamps delivered with my groceries but have no choice. One of my hopes is that I can get in the habit of dropping notes often to the children of my family members….just a regularly sent note…perhaps with a quote I like or a vocabulary word of the month or a copy of a painting I like. Just quick explanations. But It would be delivered in the mail….a ‘just for you’ letter. I hope I pull this off.
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            Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says:"Oh Crap, She's up!"..


              ((((((Hugs to All)))))) ~

              Thank you agate for starting this year's first chitchat thread!

              Someday your grandson will appreciate your notes and stamps. Like you, I order from the USPS site, but I also have forms delivered occasionally to allow me to order stamps by mail.

              I had a period of mis-delivered mail. Everyday, I found what looked like bills and important documents in my mail box, which were addressed to other people. I shoved them all in the mail box with a note to my mail carrier: Please stop delivering other people's mail to me! Thank you! So far, I haven't had any more mail for other people. I mean people, who live several miles from me, not just on my street or in my neighborhood! Then, I received delinquent notices from a couple of utilities, and I knew my mail went to someone else, who didn't do what I did with their mail.

              Going out on a limb here ~ we need a new postmaster general.

              bastien ~

              Welcome! I'm glad you have joined our conversation! I replied to your thread in New Member Introductions.

              Virginia ~

              You should luxuriate in bed more often, I think. You have had far too much activity going on around you since you returned home, and you need a break. Just relax and BE! That is a great feeling. Put everything else aside and out of your thoughts, and just be.

              Linda ~

              How did your infusions go? How are you feeling now? It's great to see you here!

              Thinking of and praying for all of our absentee members, and wishing everyone


              Love & Light,



              *Virtual Hugs Are Germ-Free!

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                I just love my mailman. I think everyone on his route does. We have cluster boxes throughout our neighborhood. I couldn't walk to mine. I had gone to everyone I could think of at the Post Office with a letter from my Doctor. They all promised to do something about it, but nothing happened. Then George, our current carrier heard about it through a neighbor. He told them to have me write a letter to him and put it in my box and he would take care of me. He put a box on my porch, then later put another one under that so I wouldn't have to stoop so low to get the mail out. Since then I have gotten my mail. I had heard that he was going to retire at the end of 2021. I just hope he changed his mind.

                Rose, I agree about our current Postmaster.


                  Linda, I am glad you like what you do. You work so hard year round. I hope John is holding out well now. He had so many problems at one time.


                    Well, that'll teach me for being Ms. Lazy Bones and avoiding the Exercise Thread, I completely missed out on Virginia's wonderful return to chat! Welcome home, Virginia, I am so happy and relieved to see you return and on the road to wellness again. I thought you might have had covid, based on your symptoms and how bad you got. How are you feeling now? I was so worried, but am so glad now to read how well your brothers have been taking care of you and all the in-home services you have implemented to get you on the road to healing and good health again.

                    Please be careful and ensure everyone coming in has on, in the least, a properly fitted surgical mask (you around anyone as well) as omicron appears to be lingering in the air from those infected. It wouldn't hurt to take temperatures either if you have one if those temp guns. Keep as far from people and open windows as much as possible, use ceiling fans. Please talk to the OT and PT about mechanical and physical ways to try to avoid or deal with falls in various locations around your home and strategies to best address them if they do occur. Please share here too, I know I am interested in learning from your experts too!

                    Lazarus, I am going to adopt your wonderful idea of sending regular notes through the mail, thank you for sharing that! I was trying to think of better ways to connect with family/friends as covid drags on and I think your idea is splendid. It is a little, but memorable and touching way to maintain connections and give others something special to look forward to. I am going to do just that too, regular mailings. Thank you.

                    I too send my best to Sunshine and Howie and hope they are doing well. My best to ANN's mother and MIL as well. I hope jingle is doing well. Hello to Rose and those new and old who find this a place to connect and seek support. I have a New Years' Resolution List as long as was my Christmas List for Santa, and I expect to have broken most if not all of them within the week ahead, but I will do so with gaiety and good-humored self effacement.

                    Wonderful 2022 New Year wishes to everyone here, I am looking at this turn of the year as a chance to shed the past and as an opportunity to start fresh, with hope and renewed optimism and promise for the year ahead. My wish for everyone is that 2022 is a year filled with special moments, much love and laughter, and good health for all. Let's all make the best of it, ok?
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                      Thanks, SuzE-Q. I'm doing fine, just waiting on tomorrow.... PAYDAY! My favorite day no matter what year or month it is.
                      I wish the weather was a little better for my run around day, but that's why I have a clothes dryer.

                      Everyone have a great new year!
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                      Albert Einstein


                        Howie, are you sure your payday didn't already happen? My money came in yesterday.
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                          I'm too tired to try to find out if I got paid. But I got paid at the same time as you did last time there was a question about getting paid. It's dark, and raining today, and will be tomorrow but I have been psyching myself up to do my running around tomorrow.

                          I have to get gas first thing, then the ATM, then the store, then carry everything in. All this in the rain. Ugh! But I'll get it all done.

                          Oh, and I saw SNOW mentioned in the forecast. That will change my plans FAST!
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                          "Given the millions of billions of Earth-like planets, life elsewhere in the Universe without a doubt, does exist."

                          Albert Einstein


                            Glad to see Virginis out of the hospital/rehab!


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