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From Tom Cat, Nov. 22

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    From Tom Cat, Nov. 22

    From Tom Cat this morning:
    Well, I'm waking up to a clear, cold 14, frosty morning. Finishing a breakfast of a grilled cheese with bacon chunks. The bacon is the small end pieces that are produced when cutting the strips of bacon. They sell for 2/3 the price of the bacon strips. I like them because I can sort the approximately 3/8-inch squares out. I set the all fat pieces on the side, cut the fat off the ones that are over half fat. This makes some very lean bacon pieces. I zap the pieces on the microwave for about 45 seconds. Then they become part of my breakfast grilled cheese sandwich. That and some fruit get me going for the day.

    I'm waiting this morning for my cleaning lady's hubby. He's going to help me move an old (60 years) fiberglass kayak and my new plastic canoe from the front yard to further back. I need to move them out of the plow zone, onto saw bucks, and covered for the winter. Hopefully I'll get to use them this summer. It's been about 10 years since I used a kayak or my row boat. Had too many other things going on.

    Did get my logs in the front yard cut up yesterday and moved to where I can pile and use them for the winter. Busy, busy! Would like to get some holiday things done, but not too sure. Very weather dependent.

    Off to my hospital for my twice-a-month blood draw, and shot to boost my hemoglobin.

    Oh yes. Yesterday got my spike drag and disc harrow moved out into a field and out of the winter plow area. I need to find some help for this. Joe stops by for a few minutes every week or so when he's up here, may look at a computer bank problem, fix it, and get a print out for a return label on an Amazon order. That's it. Need to find a Kindle guru to get onto a new Kindle. Ann was great at this. I know there is a way to e-mail on this, but I don't have Ann's password. I have a printed sheet of around 50 passwords Ann left. None I use have worked on this Kindle yet. Numerous things I could do on my dead Kindle that I can't do on this one.

    I do have a downy woodpecker, purple finch, goldfinch and a couple of nuthatches on the living room bird feeder.

    Supposed to warm up to 50 Wednesday. That will be great, even for a day. Take care
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    Wow Ralph, 14 degrees is really getting down there. A bacon and grilled cheese sandwich sounds good. You know a lot of different things. I never knew about buying the small end pieces of bacon, but then I don't buy a lot of it. I enjoy it on BLT sandwiches and I like a strip or two for breakfast sometime, but I can't eat a whole package of bacon and I feel wasteful when I throw it away.

    Sure hope you got the kayak and canoe moved so you can cover them for the winter. That is important to get that done. I've been in a canoe a lot, but only once in a kayak. I didn't feel real comfortable in the kayak because I felt like I was too far down in the water. I hope you got a lot of logs cut up to use this winter because it gets really cold where you are, as you already know. I remember Ann telling the temperature and I would be shivering just reading about it.

    Hope the hemoglobin turns out as good as it did last time.

    Ralph you sure know your birds. I am surprised the cats don't look out the window and try to get to them.

    Take care,