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Good Morning America…tune in soon

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    Good Morning America…tune in soon

    I am watchingGood Morning America. It is 1/2 hour into the show. Just announced there will be an interview with Selma Blair who is trying an experimental treatment for her MS.
    this is Monday morning.

    Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says:"Oh Crap, She's up!"..

    Thanks for calling attention to this, Linda! I don't know if this will work but if it does, this seems to be the interview:

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      ((((((Hugs to All)))))) ~

      Thank you so much, Linda, for alerting us to this interview, and thank you agate for linking us to it.

      Unfortunately, Selma's documentary is only available on Discovery+ for streaming on line. Discovery+, like many streaming outlets, offers 7 days free viewing. I've never taken that offer on any streaming network, because I've worried that I might be hornswoggled into joining.

      I want Selma's documentary to reach a large audience.

      I am interested to know how everyone here feels about her documentary. Do you think Selma will bring a greater awareness of MS to those, who know nothing about it? Do you think that it will have an impact on the MS community and those who provide you with medical care and other services? What is your opinion of the stem cell treatment she had? Would you want to try it?

      May Selma continue to be in remission and improve, and may her documentary be successful in every regard.

      Love & Light,



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        If I watch the documentary, I could say more about it but just now Selma Blair is really just a name to me.

        I'm fairly sure that watching it wouldn't change my mind about the stem cell treatments. I wouldn't want to try them. It's too experimental. Even if I were very very disabled, I don't think I'd opt for stem cells. But I'm a wimp.

        I just watched a movie about a man who had a stroke--"The Diving Bell and the Butterfly." Some people's MS affects them as severely as this man's stroke. He had "locked-in syndrome" and couldn't move at all except for blinking with one eye. He managed to write a book by using that eye blink as a means of communication.

        I can't see wanting stem cell treatments even if I were in that condition.
        SPMS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009. Glatiramer acetate since December 2020.


          If I had gone the route Selma Blair did at the age she did, I would want the stem cell treatment. I know it was a rough road for her and I probably should see the whole film before saying that. However, I know me. At her young age she was really, at one time, in bad shape and nothing was really helping. I can't write a book and I wouldn't have the connections to try and navigate the system to learn how to use any means of helping myself. Therefore, I would have back then tried anything that was medically proved to try to get back some use in my body. Otherwise, I would have been put in a Nursing home to just lay there and waste away until death came. I would not have been able to see doing that without trying, so I would have gone for the stem cell.

          Thanks Linda and Agate for posting this so we could see it. I do want to see the movie.
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            I agree, VIrginia. I probably would have been willing to try it if my MS had taken that sad course--early onset of really very disabling symptoms. I would have been quite desperate.
            SPMS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009. Glatiramer acetate since December 2020.