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  • agate
    Hi neurojuiced, and welcome back--
    I'm sorry I don't remember you but it sounds as if you've been willing to try a variety of treatments over the years and found one that seemed to work for you.

    I hope that if you want to continue with the acupuncture, you can find another practitioner who will be as helpful to you as Fiona has been.

    I don't know much about your condition as I hang out on the MS forum for the most part but I was struck by your remarks about stress and have often wondered if most chronic neurological conditions make people especially sensitive to stress. It's certainly been true for me with MS.

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  • neurojuiced
    started a topic re-engaging


    I was on this forum (or perhaps an earlier version) 10+ years ago shortly after I was diagnosed. In those early years, I maintained a blog, which lapsed. There is one more post which is a positive postscript on my journey Only registered and activated users can see links., Click Here To Register.... I hope members find this helpful or meaningful.