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Yes, I'm still alive, and so is Timex!! :)

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    Yes, I'm still alive, and so is Timex!! :)

    Hey, everyone! :)

    I haven't been here since I was dragged kicking and screaming onto FB, LOL, but I haven't forgotten the wonderful forum family we had here and hope some of you are still here and posting.

    I'm Liz, a 52 yo mom who's always had hydro and a shunt. I have a college degree, a great 28 1/2 yo marriage, and two grown kids, Caren, who is 28 next month, and Andrew, who will be 25 this summer. Andrew was dx'ed with autism at 2 1/2 and Chiari at 5 1/2, and then in Sept of last year, we learned Caren also has Chiari. I thank God neither has required surgery, but as you moms know, it's not something I can let go of and forget.

    I had a horrible "change of life," but I am now so much better, although my thyroid is apparently unhappy. I have lost over 100 lbs and am finally post-meno, so life isn't so bad now. I'm also writing and have started a new proofreading business! Life is busy but finally very good. Hope you're all doing well! <3


    welcome back!

    were you the forum member who had a major crush on one of the detroit red wings. if so, you must tell me his name, so i know you are the REAL lizard and not some chameleon !

    glad you found your way back here. some of us managed to keep up on fb and here, but it's gotten real slow here the last 5 years

    i have missed you!

    tic chick (jeannie)
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    WE ARE BT!
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      Bwaahaahaa!! No, not me. :)