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    I have a close friend who developed hydrocephalus, when she had a tumor on her brain. Luckily, the tumor was gotten rid of with radiation treatment. She was 12 at the time of the tumor. Because of the tumor, they had to put a shunt in. She told me the other day that her problem is that she produces too much CSF and apparently the shunt can not keep up with the over production of CSF and therefore, pressure is building in her ventricles. Right now, she has a programmable shunt and her doctors have bumped the shunt up to the highest setting that it will go. If this does not fix her pressure issues, she does not know what they are going to do. She asked about having a Third Ventriculostomy (sp), and her doctor said that she is a candidate, but it would not work, and she would be in the same shape that she is in right now. I told her to ask if there is any medications out there that can lower CSF production but she didn't ask. I ask that everyone pray that this last setting will fix her pressure issues and she will be able to live her life out, without having to worry about her shunt and her headaches. Thanks!!!

    I will be praying for her! :)
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