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    Post-op Issues

    Hi Everyone,

    I see that this forum is not all that active yet, but had a few questions. I had surgery to revise a broken shunt valve in July. Since that time I have had four different doctors, including the NS that did my surgery ask what was wrong with my eyes. It appears that my right eye is bulging, but the neurologist feels this is not that big of a deal. I have not seen my NS since the surgery, but he noticed it immediatly post-op.

    Also, I have had this other problem for quite a while and it is still happening. My neck swells in the front and under my chin. This was happening before surgery and was assumed to be a leaking shunt. everything is fixed and I am still getting the swelling off and on after exercise and when I wake up in the morning. My primary feels it is something I should just live with if it is not bothering me. It does not hurt, but CSF leak came into my mind and that is concerning.

    Thoughts anyone? I feel sort of crazy at this point, but I know that none of this is normal, but no one seems too concerned over any of it, but they all mention these things to me anyway.

    So sorry about your complications

    I for one would get another opinion about your eye BULGING! For one this is your eye sight... Questions I would be asking... WHY ??? Doesn't that mean that something is applying pressure? Either physical pressure by and object like geee ... the brain or to high of CSF pressure perhaps,? The Neck swelling would hint at a possible leak in the drain line of your shunt... Please look after this right away you may be in for a big infection! ... please don't let this rest... I'd for one would be running to your other NS! Good luck...
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    Brain/Pit tumor=17 brain surgeries 20year csf leak(Feb, 1993) After initial tumor removal!, SPMS , Hydrocephalus from a intraventricular hemorrhage! Panhypopituitary, Diabetes Insipidus, tension pneumatocele, ( air under the skull next to the brain), 2 craniofacial craniotomies, several shunt revisions, 7 bifrontal craniotomies ... Dag "If I started crying I wouldn't stop!


      Thank you Dagaz for your thoughts. The weird thing about the neck swelling is that it is on the opposite side of my shunt. Also, in talking to a friend about my eye, she said that even tough people are saying it is bulging, it does look ok if i squint my eyes. seems like more of a muscle issue around my eyes more than my eyeball bulging out of the socket type thing. I am still concerned and agree that I should call my NS and get a follow up. I just have had so much going on that I really don't want to go back any time soon if I don't have to. I have had infections before, so do not want that to happen. That factor alone prompts me to get on this a bit faster. Thanks again for the feedback, it looks like we have had a lot of similar issues.