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VP Shunt and Rollercoasters

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    VP Shunt and Rollercoasters

    Hi. I was just wondering if it is safe to ride roller coasters with a nonprogramable vp shunt? We are going on vacation next week & will be visiting an amusement park with alot of roller coasters & I really want to ride them but didn't know if it was safe. Please advise. Thank you in advance, Jill

    Welcome to BrainTalk, jill!

    Your original post was in a forum that could only be seen by you and the moderators. I put your post here where all BT community members could see and perhaps help.

    I have a suggestion. Why don't you just call your doctor and see what his recommendations are?

    Thank You.
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      ((((((jillwright1970)))))) ~


      I doubt than anyone here can tell you whether it is safe for you to ride on roller coasters. And I don't think any of us should offer up that opinion, in case we're wrong, and something happens to you, based upon our erroneous advice.

      Aside from your shunt, there are likely many other variables to consider. Your overall health, any conditions you may have, any medications you might be taking, whether you have seizures, the condition of your heart, and so on.

      What might be okay for one person, might not be okay for another person.

      Moderator #7 gives the best advice for you: contact your neurologist.

      If the answer is that you shouldn't ride roller coasters, don't allow that to interfere with your fun on your vacation. Find other things to do, and be grateful and just enjoy that you are able to do them.

      Have a wonderful vacation! And please come back and let us know the highlights!

      Love & Light,

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