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    Still active?

    I've been away a few years. Lost my old account. Is this forum on hydro active still?

    Welcome back, Sm3nSTL,

    I'm sorry I don't remember you but it looks as if this forum hasn't had a thread posted in it since 2019 but it is definitely still active--meaning that anyone can post in it. You could start posting, for instance. If there aren't as many replies as you'd like, at least you have the space available for your thoughts and information.
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      Unfortunately, as you can see, other members of this forum, as well as most forums here, have been absent for a long time. They have probably not posted for the same reasons you have not posted.

      My home forum was Child Neurology, so I often posted in the Hydrocephalus forum.

      How many years has it been since you've visited or posted here? What drew you back to post again and go through the registration process? I don't mean to be prying. I'm just interested in what brings people back to BrainTalk after a long hiatus.

      It is always wonderful to welcome a member back, but I can imagine disappointment in finding that no one has posted for a few years.

      Those of us, who remain, are here for you.

      Love & Light,



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