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I'm baacckkk...

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    I'm baacckkk...

    Guys,took a break from all neuro-related boards,but,I'm back.

    I needed to focus on other hobbies,get some nieces and nephews,and get my administrative career on track.

    You may be able to help me though.It has been cold here the last few weeks,and we had a little snow.Does anyone get headaches when the barometric pressure and the weather decide to go haywire? This has baffled me for a few weeks.Mild attacks,but,annoying.(NS Monday,routine-but,I'll get his $0.02 worth.)

    Or am I totally alone? Kristin
    Kristin~~ When life deals you lemons,make lemonade!! And coffee and chocolate are both addictive!!~~

    Kristin, yes , I get headaches with the Change in barometric pressure. My NS said he gets a lot of people who have kept a journal of when they get their headache and triggers , weather has always come up. You are not alone :-)