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Hannah is shunt free!

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    Hannah is shunt free!

    Hey All,
    It's been a long time since I've posted but I do peek in once and awhile...I just never felt like I had anything to add. Today however I want to share something potentially very exciting and hopefully helpful, and that is that Hannah no longer needs/has a shunt!
    Any BT long-timers may remember that Hannah has been dealing with constant head pain for nearly ten years. She's been treated by NS's in four states with no resolution of her pain. We finally realized that her care here was as good as any (and a lot closer) so she's been followed by a local guy. Well, he finally decided to put her in the ICU, externalize her shunt and slowly clamp it off. After 8 days it was obvious her brain was doing all the work so he clamped her shunt off permanently! Unfortunately this did not resolve her pain much ... at this point... but it's only been a few weeks.
    She is doing much better cognitively, her attention span is much longer and she is able to read and watch TV and comprehend a story line. She is also much more animated and her mood has improved a lot. Tonight she was discussing doing some volunteer work. Considering she was almost completely housebound that is a huge step to even consider!
    We are all hoping in time the pain will lessen. She is receiving ketamine infusions on a weekly basis and this does offer her some relief. The thought is ketamine will dampen her overactive pain response in time. In the mean time it is so nice to have my daughter back and smiling.
    So, for all you still suffering... keep looking for answers. You never know who might be the one to help set your life back on track.
    much love,

    I am so very thrilled to hear this WOW

    What news!! glad to hear it is going so well, I hope all the difficult spots smooth out for Hannah and let her know she gives hope for others, maybe everything just made it's own pathways and now look how great this all is...wonderful news.
    Hugs and may everyday get better for Hanah YEAH!!!!!!!!
    I'm so happy for you.
    Love to you both,


      Oh, Lisa....

      I hope with all my being that it's forever!!! Please keep us up to date. Love to you and Miss Hannah!

      LIZARD :)
      LIZ in Li'l Rhody; hydrocephalus dx'ed at 3 weeks old. No shunt surgery in 32 years! Epilepsy well-controlled and autoimmune issues being worked on. Mom to Caren, 21, successful ablation 4/18/07 for WPW; and Andrew, 18 (autism dx'ed at 2 1/2, 13 mm ACM dx'ed at 5 1/2, no surgery, doing awesome!!) Wife of 22 years to Don...and friend to Gina. RIP. 9/5/66-10/22/07 :(


        :angel: That's awesome,Lisa!! {{HUGS}},Kristin
        Kristin~~ When life deals you lemons,make lemonade!! And coffee and chocolate are both addictive!!~~


          how is everything going?

          brains white energy.jpg

          Looking at favorites list and was wondering how Hannah's doing ?
          Hoping each week is showing improvement
          We love you guys...