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Seeking input on confusing condition

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    Seeking input on confusing condition

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you to the mods who created this forum!

    I come here today because I have not been able to get an answer from the medical system, and I am running thin on places to look.

    I am a healthy 22 year old man who is fit and has never suffered from any sort of notable condition in the past.

    I injured my penis during sex about 4 years ago. Since then I have seen numerous urologists and neurologists, who all insist that they dont know how to help me. My ultrasounds and mri are clean. It is quite the mystery.

    My symptoms include:

    -a chronically turtled penis (similar to when one get out of a cold pool, however mine is like that all the time)


    -my glans is not able to erect

    -i have a tingling throughout my penis, perineum and anus

    Alpha blockers relieve me of the chronically turtled state but only temporarily. I seek the input of this wonderfully bright community.

    Thank you!

    Welcome to BrainTalk, happyaffableperson! I am sorry for the late reply, and to hear of your condition, but am glad you have found at least temporary relief.

    You will find BrainTalk is a little slow these days, with the MS forum being the most active. We would love to have you there if you just need to talk. We have a chit-chat thread, and you would be most welcome. A couple of active members are also quite adept at navigating the healthcare system. You might pickup some helpful hints.
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      I was thinking about the tingling and numbness you mentioned, happyaffableperson, and it occurred to me to ask if you are a bicycle rider. Riding too much can cause such symptoms (I used to spend a lot of time on the bike, so I know). In your case, it might be making them worse. If putting pressure on your perineum causes much discomfort, there might be something like that going on (i.e., a "pinched nerve").


        Hi flatcap, hoping you see my message. I went ahead and posted in the MS forum right now. Thank you for pointing me in that direction.

        As for the biking, I was an avid biker in my teens, but I stopped around the time of developing this condition. It has ben 4 years since, and I have not healed.