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    Brain Tumor

    Hi everyone!

    Recently, I had an MRI without contrast done because I’ve constantly been having headaches/migraines, dizziness/unsteadiness, some visual issues and a few other things like memory problems that I feel a 30 yr old like myself shouldn’t be experiencing. I’ve had these issues going on for a few years. I only really paid attention to them as they’ve gotten a bit worse. My first thought was a brain tumor since the symptoms line up. The first question I have is: if I’ve had a brain tumor for a few years would it be large enough to show up on an MRI if the tech wasn’t specific looking for one? Surely, if it’s been growing for years, the dr/radiologist should’ve seen it? My results came back clear. My scan was only 12 mins which makes me question if the scan was thorough enough to rule out a tumor completely. My follow up isn’t for another three weeks and these questions are nagging me.

    Welcome, rwomack00!

    If I've read your post correctly, you recently had an MRI and were told that it was normal, with no sign of a brain tumor, but you think maybe you might have a brain tumor anyway but it was missed.

    We're not doctors here but I can point you to this:

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    Specifically, this:

    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scans are used most often to look for brain diseases. These scans will almost always show a brain tumor, if one is present.
    However, I've had 5 brain MRIs and each of them lasted between 40 minutes and an hour if I remember right. But those were done with contrast and that may be the reason they took longer.

    You might want to get a copy of the MRI report and if possible the actual MRI and take them to another doctor for a second opinion but in the meantime, I think it's fairly rare for a brain tumor to develop over years without causing more trouble than you've been having. However, it can happen.

    Your symptoms can also indicate a number of other conditions. I hope that your doctor will help you to find out what is going on and help you.
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      Hi rwomack001 and welcome to BrainTalk. Agate, gave you some good information, but some of the most important, in my opinion, is that you might want to see another Doctor for a second opinion. I will also add if this is not a Neurologist that you are seeing, I would make the second one a Neurologist for sure.

      I hope you have a good outcome with this and all the symptoms just disappear. That also can happen.