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Yelling during seizure?

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    Yelling during seizure?

    I was on a Zoom call with a friend of mine and her students who have intellectual disability and during the Zoom call one of the students yelled like "UHHHH!" and since this student is only semi verbal and uses sign language I thought she was simply expressing anger or displeasure at what the student next to her was doing until the para said "She's having a seizure" and a few seconds later the student was fine like nothing happened, perfectly conscious and acting as though nothing changed. "That was a seizure?!!! Was she expressing pain?!" I said in shock and the para simply said, "We have no way of knowing if she feels pain or not when she has seizures because she can't tell us".
    Are seizures where someone yells out common?
    Is yelling during a seizure a sign of pain? Or is it from the seizure effecting speech areas in the brain?
    If it happens again is there a way to help?
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    Michael uttered a screaming sound at the onset of a tonic clonic seizure. It was distinct and alarmed us to his seizures. Jonathan didn't usually make this sound at the onset of a tonic clonic seizure. Both of them had gelastic seizures, where they would giggle and laugh uncontrollably. Some gelastic seizures result in crying.

    This is the best resource on the internet for information about epilepsy:

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    If you scroll to the bottom of the main page, you will find links to the site. I recommend "Types of Seizures" to understand the various kinds of seizures, which can occur.

    Generally, all an observer can do is ensure that the person is safe, turned on her/his side to prevent choking or aspiration, and comfort the person when the seizure is over.

    I can't respond to whether seizures cause pain. That would need to be addressed by the folks here, who have experienced seizures. As their mother, I was in pain helplessly watching them seize, unable to do anything for them. Every Mom on CN will tell you the same thing. Many of us lost our children as a result of intractable seizures.

    There isn't anything you can do on a Zoom meeting to help a person, who is having a seizure. Bless you for wanting to help. Pray for that person to be seizure-free. That is a gift.

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