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colloid cyst causes stroke?

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    colloid cyst causes stroke?

    A woman who survived a cyst in the brain(cyst was removed) and had a second medical event recently in which she had a Deja Vu type feeling and then thought she had thrown something out in the trash because it was so clear in her mind but when she “woke up” from this state she had not moved at all from her chair. Her doctor is not sure if it was a seizure, a stroke, or side effects from the brain damage the cyst caused. She really thinks she had a stroke and wanted me to get info/insight for her. Her description of her cyst sounded a bit like a colloid cyst. Can a colloid cyst cause visual disturbance as a side effect? Can a colloid cyst cause a stroke after removal???
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    Here’s the form I had to sign before I had mine removed. Not sure about how long after a stroke could occur, but I was told Epilepsy usually happens soon after removal if that is going to be a side effect.
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