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Husband diagnosed with 7mm colloid cyst

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    Husband diagnosed with 7mm colloid cyst

    My husband was in a wreck on 4/27/16 and went to the ER. He had a CT scan and was sent home with the ER stating all was well. I pushed for him to go to a chiropractor and went to get his records two weeks later. To my amazement, the impression states a 7mm colloid cyst was found and an MRI recommended.

    HE followed up with the GP and she was hesitant to refer him for an MRI, but this also confirmed the cyst. He was basically told that these are not uncommon and he doesn't need to be concerned since no hydrocephalus was noted.

    With all this said, I am frustrated and have been urging the GP to refer us to a neurologist for follow up. She basically told him it was fatty tissue and benign. I have done several hours of research and learned that this in fact is inaccurate. I am awaiting a call from his GP to find out which neurologist he will have an appt. with, but I am very frustrated overall with the complacency of the medical community about this so I dont feel encouraged much will be resolved at this appointment'

    He has thrown up a few times weekly for twenty years and went several years ago to get tests run on his digestive system which were negative. He has complained of having occasional headaches and his vision continues to get worse. He is 43, and works at a nuclear plant where he has to climb to high locations and has other dangerous duties. I even worry about his driving and wonder if the wreck is a result to the cyst or not? No one seems to think this is serious including most of my friends, family, and doctors.

    Any suggestions are welcome. I live in Georgia and have heard Emory has a chief neurosurgeon by the name of Costas Hidjapanyis with expertise. Does anyone know of a him or good places to seek treatment?


    welcome Welovethelake!

    i'm sorry your hubby is experiencing these problems.

    unfortunately, a patient has to usually be as educated as their doctor about their medical condition. emory hospital is great, but i don't know much about the specific doctor. if you know someone who works there, ask them their opinion of doctors.

    does your hubby wear some kind of device that measures how much nuclear radiation he gets on the job? his probs might be related to that, also.

    i would go to the neuro armed with articles on colloid cysts and a bunch of questions. it wouldn't hurt to ask the doctor about his other medical symptoms. i wish you and your hubby good luck in your search to get to the bottom of your hubby's health problems. perhaps a visit to an eye doctor, not just one who fits for glasses but an ophthalmologist, would shed some light on his vision probs. the doctor might be able to see the beginnings of some disease process in your hubby's eyes. maybe all he needs is glasses, but i think he should inform his supervisor at work about his eye probs so perhaps he can get a "light duty" assignment until he finds out what is causing his poor vision.

    thank you for sharing,
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      ((((((Welovethelake)))))) ~


      I echo all of Jeannie's excellent suggestions.

      Additionally, I would suggest that you try to obtain a copy of your husband's CT scan, MRI, and other test results to share with the neurologist.

      You could try contacting via phone the Neurology Department at Emory, explain your husband's symptoms, and ask for a referral to a neurologist/neurosurgeon. Then, give that name to your husband's GP, so that she can refer him to that physician.

      I agree with Jeannie about consulting an ophthalmologist, and that consideration should be given to your husband's occupation as a potential factor in his symptoms.

      Please let us know how things are going. Hope you find a compassionate doctor, willing to go the extra mile to help your husband.

      Love & Light,

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        Thanks to both of you for suggestions. I do have copies of the reports and a disk of the CT and MRI. My husband wears glasses but an updated screening would not be a bad idea.

        From reading posts on this forum, I know there are more people than meets the eye that are dealing with these rare cysts and have had similar experiences. It is a great support as many people have not heard of colloid cysts and have little information regarding them. We are just in limbo and would like more concrete answers than what we have gotten regarding the potential growth and outcome of this if we watch and wait. It is not a warm fuzzy feeling to know something is bobbling around in your brain (or in my case my spouse of 21 years) that can cause acute and life threatening symptoms, so I am glad to find a forum that has others going through the same ordeal.

        We will update you with more information as received. Again, thank for the support!


          I feel for you both dealing with a colloid cyst. Theses are rare. I know being married you both are going through this together. It is good that you got the follow up MRI. I had a colloid cyst with hydrocephalus July 17, 2017. I am 46 years old. Having a cat scan can be helpful too. They did both on me. I had migraines for three days which brought me to the hospital. This is something that he was born with and most of the time is not until a person is between 20-50 that it start affects us. I would write down all the symptoms he is experiencing when you see a neurosurgeon. Good for you doing research and not just accepting. Having eyes checked can be helpful too. I live in washington state so I can't give you advice for that area.hang in their you are on the right track. It is important for you to work as a team.


            Welcome to Welovethelake and tazette787!

            I'm usually at the MS forum but have been on BrainTalk for many years.

            Welovethelake, I hope that your husband can find some answers soon. Throwing up several times a week for 20 years is definitely something to be concerned about. His symptoms might be due to some other problem that hasn't been located yet.

            I found this about the Dr. Hadjipanayis:

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