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    Kathleen's GI dr. has diagnosed her with intestinal bacterial overgrowth. He put her on Xyfaxin twice and it seemed to help her symptoms but when she was weaning off the symptoms returned. She's now on the third round of this antibiotic. I'm not sure how I feel about all these antibiotics. She doesn't seem to have any side affects from it, and it does seem to help. I don't think I would agree to another round if it comes back this time. From what I've read it may take more than one round to get rid of this.
    Mary Grace

    Hi Mary Grace, oh I am sorry. It never seems to end for Kathleen and you! I have never heard of intestinal bacterial overgrowth, but I can imagine that it causes IBS, bloating nausea? Poor sweet Kathleen. Endless antibiotics are a worry! Hmmm I wonder if there is anything a naturopath could suggest. I'm not an expert in this area at all. Good luck, my friend! xoxox
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      ((((((Mary Grace)))))) ~

      Just curious what test the GI used for this diagnosis.

      Your concern about continued rounds of the antibiotic are certainly justified, Mary. We need to be careful in this day of Super Bugs not to develop a resistance to antibiotics. In your shoes, I'd ask the GI:

      1. What's the maximum number of rounds for this antibiotic for this condition?
      2. If the antibiotic effectively treats the bacterial overgrowth, how do we prevent it from recurring, once Kathleen is off the Xyfaxin altogether?
      3. Are there other antibiotics to treat the overgrowth, if Xyfaxin is ineffective?
      4. Are probiotics warranted?

      I hope that the Xyfaxin conquers the bacteria on this third round, so it's the final one. Healing prayers are on their way ~

      Love & Light,

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        Too many antibiotics can cause hearing problems if I remember correctly. Hope she feels better soon.
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