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3 years boy acts like 1 year

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    3 years boy acts like 1 year

    Hey all,

    ​​​​​​Our 3 years old boy still cannot speak only few words so we took him to a neurologist who requested blood tests and head MRI Report is a s below

    Multiplanar and multisequence imaging of the brain without intravenous administration of gadolinium on a 3T MRI.

    -Mild increase in the CHO/CR ratio to 1.53 with marked decrease in the NAA/CR ratio to 1.98 suggesting of abnormal spectro MRI.

    Parenchymal tissue of cerebral and cerebellar hemispheres are symmetric and without mass,

    mass effect or deviation of interhemispheric fissure. White and Grey substance are well differentiated and of normal signal intensity. Ventricular system (laterals, third and fourth) are of normal morphology and size. Foramen magnum and cervico-occipital region is of normal aspect and without morphological abnormalities.

    Cisterns of pontocerebellar angles are free.

    There are no abnormal extra-axial fluid collections. Vascular structures appear normal.

    Sinuses, mastoids and orbits are of normal aspect.


    Mild increase in the CHO/CR ratio to 1.53 with marked decrease in the NAA/CR ratio to 1.98 suggesting of abnormal spectro MRI.

    We know our child got down syndrome somewhere and needs special treatment and attention

    In case anyone had similar case I would appreciate any advice oor help on how to deal with our kid. Thank you

    Welcome, Strider!

    I have no expertise in interpreting MRIs and so can't be of much help to you but it sounds as if your son has been diagnosed with Down syndrome--? Again, I don't have any helpful information for you, but I can tell you about one of my brothers. He was considerably older than me but this account came from our mother, who was keeping an eye on her kids. According to her he never said a word until he was 3 years old and she was starting to be concerned about him. Then one day as she was slicing lemons in the kitchen and he was standing by, he suddenly said, "Don't like 'emons--they're sour."

    He apparently just didn't want to say anything until he could come out with a complete sentence. He went through life being an exceptionally quiet person, and he died rather quietly in old age.

    There are children who just don't talk until later than most other kids.

    I doubt that this helps you much. But I do know that you're entitled to an explanation of the MRI report, and I hope you will ask for and get one very soon.
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      Down syndrome effects the development of the brain. From what I understand of the MRI there's a structure in your kids brain that is larger than normal which might be why he is not talking.
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