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Autism spectrum disorder and "self discovery"

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    Autism spectrum disorder and "self discovery"

    Hi all. My grandson, who is seven in age only and needs 24/7 care, has discovered masturbation. He will hump the couch or get under mats on the floor and will hump himself into a sweaty frenzy. He isn't punished but told to sit on his butt and he will but if left to his own devices he'd rub himself raw. Has anyone dealt with this. How do you teach them when it is appropriate and when it is not?

    hey chris!

    i have a friend on facebook whose son has asd. i donated some money to the group, "autism speaks" and i'm getting a newsletter from them in my email.

    this came through the other day and this section applies to pre-puberty and might include some info on your question: Only registered and activated users can see links., Click Here To Register...

    it might be helpful to join a group like this. my friend lives in a northern suburb of detroit, so i'm sure there is a chapter out there where you are.

    nice seeing you and i hope this helps,
    WE ARE BT!
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