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Hi & Happy Thanksgiving

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    Hi & Happy Thanksgiving

    Hi Everyone...sorry I've been MIA for so long....just got the "Happy B-day from Braintalk" message and figured I couldn't procrastonate any more!

    Things have been crazy. As I mentioned in my last post - the summer was busy...

    Then on Coley's first day of school, while I was at the bus stop with him, I got a phone call from the mom of one of his classmates...there were ambulances at my ILs house. I called DH @ work who called the was my FIL...a picture of health...we had NO idea what had happened, and still really don't. He didn't drink, smoke or drink coffee. He went to the gym almost every morning and was not overweight...he literally dropped dead at the kitchen table and never responded to anything after that. It was shocking for everyone, and of course mostly for my MIL. She ended up having an 'episode' it originally looked like a heart attack but was later determined not be...but not until they were in surgery with her to place a stent. We needed to postpone funeral arrangements until she was discharged. It was all incredibly sad and stressful - for everyone!

    I felt SO badly for everyone, BIL who still lives with them was out of town was/is racked with guilt, SIL who is a cardiac nurse and was staying at the house because the power was out at her house, she had just left for work moments before it happened, DH is heartbroken, 3 neices/1 nephew who are still struggling over the loss of their other grandpa last year, and Coley who was looking forward to cub scouts with his Dado. The holidays are going to be tough this year!

    Then 2 days after DH returns to work from berievement leave was laid-off. F'ers! So since then we have both been looking for work. All I have to say right now is THANK GOD for mandated healthcare in this state! And I don't even mean so that we have health insurance - right now we are on COBRA...I mean, I - with a HUGE gap in employment, am getting FAR more interest than DH - with his background in construction/engineering. I feel badly for him & his ego, but I am very thankful that our healthcare industry is BOOMING here in MA! At least one of us has prospects!!!

    Ok, so things have been stressful and cancel all those extra activities we were planning on

    In terms of Coley & school - I LOVE his teacher, she is SO smart & gets him. We haven't been as, hmmm what's the word...envolved(?) with things this year - trying to take a giant step back...I have reduced his services, no OT, no ST, and reduced inclass assistance! We just got our first grading period reports...his report card is pretty decent, better than last year - more 3's (2 is satisfactory, 3 is high quality, 4 is exceptional & rarely used). However he still has "attention" issues...I wanted to leap over the table and kiss his teacher at our first P/T conferences last week. She told me that she knows Coley isn't ADHD, that he doesn't have focus/attention problems...because when she calls on him (at times when he is clearly not paying attention) she sees the gears going, the smoke billowing and he comes up with some of the best answers - she said she is amazed sometimes with the ideas and perspectivs he has...she went on to say, if he had attention problems he wouldn't even know what they were talking about!

    He has clearly found a way to create his own in 'I'll just half listen'...unbelievable! But dangerous too.

    The sad thing is that Mrs. O has just gone out on maternity leave :ambivalence: on the bright side, she has hand picked her long-term sub, and she has had her in working with her & the kids periodically since the beginning of the year, and over the last week or so - plus she plans to have frequent discussions with the sub (I forget her name right now) over her leave.

    Audrey of course is doing awesome too! In our P/T conference for her, the report was that she is already ready for K! No surprise, but nice to hear.

    OH! One more thing...we had to get rid of Millie...she was just barfing all the time and that expensive food was just too much for us to handle - watching it NOT stay down, but also on was kinda a fiasco, but the bottom line is that she is now back on Nantucket with E.

    Ok, so that's about that...

    So happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm thankful for all the wonderful people in my life!

    Good to hear from you, Kristen! So sorry about the loss of your FIL..what a tradgedy! Hope the job search ends successfully and soon. I've been wondering how that boy of yours was doing, so that was terrific to hear how well things are going for him. Despite everything else- that has got to reduce the worryload!

    My nephew (16yo) succumbed to his cancer and passed away in August.

    Allie's school is going well- for the 1st time in forever! I convinced them to approach her issues from an OCD, rather than an autism standpoint, and she is responding! For the 1st time ever, she truly has an INDIVIDUALIZED education plan.

    On the medical front, she just keeps coming up with new and not so wonderful crap! Finally got an endo to look at the thyroid issues- she has acquired hypothyroid due to autoimmune issues. Nobody has actually called it Hashimoto's- but that seems to fit. Putting her on synthroid has pretty much resolved the hand issues she was having, although, if I try to reduce her magnesium supplement, I see them creeping back in.

    We found what I think will be a good neurologist for her (she said she likes puzzles and is an investigator). Allie had the good sense to display an episode for her during the appointment. Right away, she said, "That looks like pain to me." So, she recommended a supplement called Migrelief (mega quantities of B2, some magnesium and feverfew), which has helped, but also rx'd imitrex nasal spray as a rescue med. That helps very quickly, but I'm still concerned that Allie is getting headaches (and bad ones!) so frequently. She's on NSAIDs 24/7 and still gets these things several times a week. We're not supposed to use the imitrex very frequently, so I try to save it until it gets really, really severe.
    This neuro wanted to do some genetic testing at a specialty lab, but insurance we'll see what's next. She also wanted to do a brain MRI w/ contrast. Don't know if that's in the works yet or not- takes a long time to get insurance approval and then for the hospital to schedule.

    The rheumy ordered an MRI of wrists and hands back in September, and that was just done last week. Haven't gotten the results yet.

    My oldest daughter is preggers w/ my 1st grandchild (a boy) and is due in March. I've cashed in my retirement to buy a home that I can rent to them so they can afford rent, which is godawful in this area since so many people lost their homes and have to rent. Honestly, if they couldn't afford their mortgages, I don't see how they can afford these rents either. On the plus side- homes are really cheap!

    Hub and I started marriage counseling a few weeks ago- things not going so well between us. I and the therapist think its fixable. Not so sure hub thinks so.

    That's about it for my update. Hope more people come along and start using this forum again- I've really missed it.


      Hi everyone! :)

      Kristen, I remembered what happened with your FIL from Facebook, and wondered how things were going. Sounds about as good as can be expected, and glad your MIL didn't actually have a heart attack.

      Peg, sorry about your nephew, last you'd mentioned it it sounded like he was responding. Too bad he didn't pull through.

      I guess I should mention here what I mentioned to you in a facebook message that you just responded to, in case folks here find it of interest.

      Romeo was doing some coughing and had a hoarse meow, so I took him to the vet. It seems to be a viral upper respiratory infection, but we got to talking and she mentioned that cats can be strep carriers even though they're asymptomatic. She said sometimes when a kid gets recurring strep infections, they'll culture the cat and sure enough, the cat is carrying strep!

      I also have a new kitten, which if you are on my facebook friends list (which Kristen, Peg, and RR are), you've probably heard about him. He's a cute little orange tabby I named Cheez-It.

      Not much going on here. I mentioned Cheez-It, got him in July. My SIL is pregnant and I will have my second niece or first nephew in late April/early May (the due date is early May, but for her previous three kids and my niece Genevieve she's gone a little early all four times...not too early, but a bit ahead of the due date, so could be late April). It will be their last child and they've elected not to learn the gender at the next ultrasound.


        Sorry for your losses Kristen and Peg

        After a nice stretch of feeling mostly healthy over the summer, I am majorly sick right now. It started as feeling like I had the flu, and quickly started getting a nasty rash, that has spread all over most of my body! I spent the morning at the hospital, having a bunch of doctors look at me, deciding that I have a viral rash.
        My skin is burning/stinging so intense! It feels like I am being cooked! They prescribed me methylprednisolone and I am supposed to take it along with benadryl. So ontop of the flu symptoms, dizzy and the burning, the meds make me feel even worse! And the worst part is that they said it will probably be 4-8 WEEKS before I start to feel better!!!!!! I hope they are wrong and I start to feel better really soon