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    Chiari 0/CTE

    Back in August I recieved a correspondance that I quote from portions of below with the authors permission.

    " ... In 2009, JAMA published a review on “The Chiari Conundrum”, that focused … on the possible interrelationships between the structural and functional anatomy depicted by Upright MRI of the cervico-occipital junction … I had been collecting a series of MRI findings on patients with the seemingly unrelated , varied and disparate, neurological maladies of migraine headaches, NPH, MS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer disease, when a single thread of connection became apparent; CSF flow disturbance … I did a cursory investigation of the literature and proposed “The unifying concept of CSF – Cerebellar Ectopia” … This initial “gathering” of my thoughts is obviously naive compared to your level of experience, originality, understanding and explanation of the theoryThe articles on your website demonstrate clearly that you have the most complete understanding and explanation of this concept … "

    David Harshfield, M.D., M.S. - radiologist and founder of the College of Integrative Medicine

    Dr. Harshfield has been collaborating with Dr. Scot Rosa using upright MRI to check blood and CSF flow as well as cerebellar tonsilar ectopica (CTE) before and after Atlas Orthogonal (AO) upper cervical intervention. AO is a low force technique that uses specific x-rays and a special device to deliver a sound wave to correct the upper cervical spine along specific lines or vectors. They began looking into the Chiari (CTE) connection about ten years ago. The results of their research so far has been fascinating and confirm what I have long suspected. Humans are predisposed to CTE due to upright posture and the unique design of the skull, spine and circulatory system of the brain.

    For further information on Dr. Harshfield's research visit the following link and scroll down to his presentation on Chiari, CSF, MS, Migraines, NPH, IIH etc..

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    For further information on Chiari malformations/CTE and NPH you can also visit my website at the link below.

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    I will be collaborating with Drs. Harshfield and Rosa on future research using phase contrast cine upright MRI to study among other things, CTE and NPH as well as blood and CSF flow in the brain during upright posture.

    I will be happy to answer questions regarding this fascinating research here or on my website.

    Dr. Flanagan

    2 yrs of doctoring, testing and no answers to my pain and symptoms i was finally diagnosed with chiari.1 week later i had my decompression surgery. craniotomy.Removal of skull, removal of broken c1 c2 and c3, duraplasty and laminectomy. The excrutiating pain has lessened but all other symptoms have worsened over last 7 yrs including those related to CTE.. is there any new info on relations between Chiari and CTE.any new treatments or relief techniques? Also looking for a dr. In my area who specializes in Chiari/CTE. Unfortunately my surgeon is the only medical care ive received because of the lack of knowledge out there in the medical field for chiari. Any info,suggestions, leads and knowledge you could share with me On this subject would be appreciative. Love reading your informative threads.