I hope my title makes sense. After finding out about the primary and secondary diagnosis code and how its on the CDR short form it makes me wonder if you have like say a dozen medical conditions which are all highly documented do they just pick the two that they feel are the most compelling reasons to grant disability and they kinda discard or disregard all the info they have on your other conditions? See I have so many problems wrong I never had any idea why I was granted disability well as far as which ones they considered disabling enough in their eyes. I just learned a few days ago when I got the CDR why they granted SSD as it said nothing in the letter they sent when I was first granted SSD other than I was found "permanently disabled". It appears they considered only my mental health issues as disabling yet I actually had less years of treatment on those than the medical problems. Which comes to another question why did they say permanently disabled then put me on a 3 year review?