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Haven't been able to do much lately

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    Haven't been able to do much lately

    My pain is really bad so my TNR work and outreach is on hold. I am still fostering sweet Louise and Sadie. The pandemic put our adoption events on hold but we are still getting some from the Los Gatos website and FB page.

    Okay I say on hold but I did just help rescue 12 kittens and a very sweet FIV positive outdoor cat which all went to rescues. Also TNRed some of the babies mamas and have plans to TNR 3 more cats and help spay all three of her indoor cats. This kind of fell into my lap by my brother that I never speak to happened to make a random comment about kittens on a FB post. These three kittens are from the same place I got Bonnie.
    THese babies are all one litter. Little girl will lose her eye but she will be living the good life from here on. Same place as Bonnie below.

    This is Bonnie, she was an outdoor cat that was very thin, has an URI, and is filthy so I snatched her up right after the three kittens. They said the males on the property wouldn't leave her alone and she was always getting pregnant as you can see she is barely bigger than my foot. She tested FIV positive so I found her a rescue that takes in FIV kitties and gives them a chance at life.

    These are the nine kittens from my brother's house that went to rescue. I didn't get pictures of their mamas but they got TNRed and are back at home with my brother and his GF who are trying to come up with a way to make them indoor cats despite bird ownership.

    I am paying physically and mentally today for what i have already done and trying to get mentally psyched for the next round. This much pain and seeing these furbabies like this is mentally taxing. I do not envy those who live and breathe rescue. They have it hard and have seen all kinds of horrible things and it is a constant battle.

    Have my fence up so after all kitties have been adopted I might try a small dog again. Ha planning for something i may be incapable of doing lol.

    [B]kitty babies n adults are all adorable. how I wish I was close enough to come visit and give those babies a nose touch with my nose. that has always been the way I greet cats . in childhood I started doing that and it seemed to make us more familiar with each other faster. granddaughters cat answers to kitty kitty but my bobtail cAT answers to kiss kiss,

    sad to say but sister-in law died after a long painful month. the anuersim that should have been taken care of the first day she went only worsened because they sent her home with just a visual quick once look over. she passed out again the next day, had a coil put in and worsened and was flown to a larger city. surgery was redone lacing coil in right place. then she started having strokes. my brother is 80. so I will be busy helping out best I can with him. he came by our house the other day. when he sat down I knew he was so tired. he said he'd been driving around and I feel like he accidently found our road so just came by. I am so glad because he was not alone on the short 5 mile trip back tpo his house. I rode with him and hubby followed to bring me homew. I am back to having dizzy spells from menieres so I was unable to even stand safely to walk to bathroom so I have not been able to go back AND visit him. I will be busy I hope helping him. he is at a total loss, at 80 years old. I hope his 2 cats mean a lot to hime because I know I might hang in there if I was in his circumstances. but he just doesn't know what to do. and for some reason I was told he had not been getting his alzheimers meds. he had been restarted and when he is with hubby and myself he seems the same. but I know that even I have slipped with age. I use to handle 4 bankaccounts and never a slip up. in fact if there was a penny or 2 missing, I was usually right. now I have stopped doing things that use to be so easy. and realise that I should not have stopped. but once hubby quit work, he wanted to take over and I just let him.

    so forgive me in advance for not being around as much. just know that my online family is and always be well thought of and on my mind frequently. take care of yourselves. I will end with you all as I do with my family and friends when we text with Later. my dUGHTER finally asked, mom what do you mean by that. knowing my daughter, she will freAK OUT and stay that way for a long time when something happens with one of us. so I said, later means just that. hold onto that thought. we'll be together sometime later. that seemed to make a little sense to her. I am counting on it. she is losing yet again another close loved one and this time to cancer it is the mother of the childhood friend of her daughter that died in gradeschool and it is painful for us all. seems like I need to spend a lot of time on phone being counselor with her. my granddaughter is 20 years old and her and my daughter fight like enimies all the time. I don't recall my kids being that bad. I kinda wish both my children had of ended up with at lease 3 or 4 children each. then maybe there would be more fighting amoung siblings ( like min, lol) rather than with parents. parents and children arguing is hard. it is usually expected between siblings, at least for me. well more than enough about my troubles. hey it is a good day, the sun is shining! I always told my children and grandchildren to look at the moon no matter where they were. it is the same moon I see and when they did to know that I loved them. it caught on better with the girls, lol. or maybe the boys just do not acknowledge it as much. well I use to say that if I had a death sewntence nd could chose, i'd pick hanging. and hope that on that day the sun would be shining. that way it would not be a total loss of a day for me. I don't mind raIN OR gloomy daYS. but after a week or so, it gets on my nerves some, lol. sunshine always makes me smile and keeps my old bones warm as well. and as a kid it made my freckles pop out a lot so I had to get over wishing my freckles would disappear. later



      Joy we are happy to hear from you always and I feel the same about you as you us. I am so sorry about your family's loss. Sending prayers and (((hugs)))

      Well I seem to have stepped in another pile of kittens. Ex uncle in law, wow that is a mouthful, has a feral cat at his work barn which is in the middle of a small industrial area. She has three kittens which need making sociable. So I am trapping mama and getting her fixed and returning her to her human caretaker and trapping three kittens and fostering them until they are adoptable. Babies are very skittish but mama is somewhat friendly. I should say she stopped growling at me long enough to smell my hand and decide I was okay. It is kind of comical seeing this big, burly, bearded old hippy get so excited like a kid when he interacts with them and is showing them off. Like a proud papa. She will do good there.

      I am half done with the elderly woman's cats. Just returned two of her original 4 that needed spaying. Two have come up missing. They think they went off and died, I am pretty sure the colony has FIV and they were very elderly. I am hoping someone else in her area is feeding them. Tomorrow morning I pick up her three indoor cats and get them spayed then return them. THen either Saturday morning or Sunday I want to trap uncle's kittens then try for mama on Sunday or Monday
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        aw i know the hard work that goes into what your are doing Chris. i am so thankful that there are people like you that will do what they can for pooe animals
        they do not ask to be born but after they are use to nourishment and would like a kind hand touch them i am sure. i am so thankful that my own mother had a way with the animals on our farm. i learn how to treat them by watching her. tho you may not feel rewarded for your efforts i do think that a person who does a kind deed even for an animal does rest better and that in itself is very good these days. i miss everyone more than i can say but know you none are ever far from my thoughts. take care. later


          Well I have moved 22 cats and kittens through here in the last month and still have five left. I wish I could find an able bodied volunteer to do the lifting and trap setting and I can do locations, transport, vetting with backing and holding. I will officially be out of my contract with Los Gatos next Friday as we have made Louise part of the family. She will always be a bit feral but she has been here for a year and a half and she loves us, I just can't see her going to someone new and having to start all over again. She would be terrified and I feel like she would wonder why we got rid of her. I know many will say they don't think that way but go look at a dog that has been surrendered to the pound and watch them sit and stare into a corner after being dumped, not caring about sweet talk or treats or walks in the yard. Or a drop off who waits looking at the door for his owners to come back in the room. It is sad. Thank God our local shelter is a no kill shelter and so many get adopted or picked up by rescues.

          Huge problem is lack of fosters, funding always gets managed thanks to hundreds and hundreds of volunteers and fundraisers. People who want to help but physically can't for whatever reason are a huge resource for funding. Lots of generous people thank God.