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    Cat food or treats

    I have two of the MOST picky and pushy cats that ever lived. I wonder how they got that way......
    Whatever they want I try to get but they change their mind very often. And they never agree about what is the best wants one certain thing and the other one won't touch it. He or she wants something else.


    just leave the food out. up to them if they want to starve or eat.

    it worked with my kids.

    catpaws.png jeannie
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      LOL -- I go to church with an especially lovely couple … a couple that has 9 cats! They give me the same advice about feeding cats.

      But, gee, what do you do when a cat is hanging on your leg SCREAMING? And how do you sleep when a cat is standing on your chest slapping your face and SCREAMING?
      I usually end up laughing and doing what those sweet, cuddly, funny, loving babies want.