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Peaches is sick

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    jingle ,

    geez, don't vets know they just can't cancel?

    sorry you and peaches have to wait. how has she been doing, jingle? eating? going to use the litterbox? being sassy?

    WE ARE BT!
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      Jeannie -- Peaches seems 100% ….. she's eating as usual and behaving as usual


        Yay!!! Maybe she just had a little bug and was feeling under the weather.


          Hurrah ---- our vet has been here, give all the shots, taken stool samples, checked their mouths, checked everything. All is well - finally.


            That's great. Nice you have a vet that will come out. We had to take Belladonna to the vet she was very sick, had a tech friend come out and give her sub Q fluids and antibiotics, she had a fever of 104.6. Got a great FB friend donator to cover the vet visit for me as I am broke as broke can be. So she went the next day. Had a cold go through five of our six cats. In poor Bella it just manifested itself differently. EVeryone else got URIs.

            I am glad yours are doing well.


              Bless your big heart for taking care of cats so desperate for help.

              My two are alert and doing fine this morning. I sure hope we don't need a vet again until next year's routine care.
              The vet that makes house calls is rare in this small town. And he's a sweet heart - I just love him and his special work.