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My newest foster

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    My newest foster

    This is Journey, he was rescued off the streets of Michigan with a gunshot wound to his face. Fortunately, a couple of rescues and an awesome dentist got together and saved his jaw. He lost a little but he was infected and had shrapnel and bone fragments left behind. Vet removed it and he is all healed up and eating normally.

    Oh, it's wonderful that the poor cat was rescued. He sure loves to be petted!


      I'm so glad you were willing and able to rescue Journey! It's dangerous out there especially if you're a cat wandering around. Looks as if Journey will have better days ahead and I'm sure he'll appreciate them.
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        ((((((Chris)))))) ~

        Thank you so much and God Bless You, the rescuers, and vet for saving Journey's life. For all of that trauma, he certainly seems to be mellow and quite content to let you pet him all day. I hope he finds a loving forever home.

        Love & Light,



        *Virtual Hugs Are Germ-Free!

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          Chris, thanks for the video of Journey and thank you for your work.

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            Animals can express thanks better than so
            r humans. Sure looks like that’s a grateful. Loving cat. I wish all is well with the rest of this cat’s life. You take care of. Yourself as well as it’s nice to see you online.